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Wait.....What? (3)

Yes I know I've used this title before, but bear with me. Anyone who has read my other new post will know my situation. For those who don't/haven't, here's the basic jist: car crash, compound fracture on right leg, currently recovering. Now, yesterday I went in for a preliminary meeting with the director (if you can call them that) of the rehab program I will be in to get my leg back in full working order. I should have turned around when I saw the poster "Helping people with the grace of God" I get in there and not even 20 minutes into talking with the guy we get around to discussing the crash. After I get done the man exclaims "Better thank God you survived." Now, normally in this situation I would hold back and say something like "I suppose." But instead (maybe it was the Advil, maybe it was involuntary) I flat out said "No". He gives me a funny look and asked me why not. I told him I was an atheist. Before I even finished the word " atheist" his attitude went from "kind and friendly" to "get the hell out". I was left with, and I quote, " We don't need any Satanic people like you here." Me, being a sarcastic 16 year old (did I just self stereotype? ) responded "At least a Satanist wouldn't be a sanctimonious, holier than thou arse" At this point he breaks all professianality and walks/follows/preaches at me and my step dad until we get i the truck and leave. Now, I intend to seek legal action eventually, but for the time being I'm more focused on my leg. Thoughts, opinions welcomed.

IM BACK! (sorry, too much caffeine)


KoW(how punny of me)

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You should call a lawyer

You should call a lawyer Monday morning. https://www.aclu.org/about/affiliates

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I think I'll take that advice

I think I'll take that advice. Thanks for the link.

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What an asshole! I think his

What an asshole! I think his whole rehabilitation program is a sham.

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I suppose I'll find out in

I suppose I'll find out in due time.

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KOW : What kind of insurance

KOW : What kind of insurance do you have ? Private , HMO , state supported ? I work in this field , may be able to help you.

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Sorry for asking you to

Sorry for asking you to disclose personal info like that. Basically , you as a minor were subjected to a form of verbal abuse. You should have a recourse through your insurance company (if public supported) or the agency under which this ass hangs his license. It may not involve you needing a lawyer. As a minor there is an advocate or ombudsman in every state that will represent you.

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Its all right. Will defiantly

Its all right. Will definantly be looking into that first. Thank you for the advice.

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