Was Jesus's appearance really verified?

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Was Jesus's appearance really verified?

Howdy all,

hope you had a great weekend. Last night I got together with a few friends, and we were talking about how in Islam for example, there is very little imagery (if any) of the prophet Muhammad or Isa (Jesus) but how in Christianity, there are numerous depictions and drawings of Jesus. One thing I found curious was that many of the so called visions people have of Jesus in dreams, or even according to some individuals "in real life" generally cater to the images they were brought up to believe. A Christian living in Texas, for example, who believes he or she encountered Jesus, is likely to describe him as having long dark hair, pretty light skin, a thin build, etc. However, I brought this up during our conversation, and one of my friends (who is very religious) told me that Jesus did actually look like the way he is depicted in photos. I know quite a few people on here may not even believe Jesus ever existed, but assuming he did, I would have thought that he would have likely looked less "European". My friend told me that recently, a cloth with Jesus's face on it was discovered apparently where he was buried, and there are documentaries about this. Apparently carbon dating was done to prove that this cloth existed around his time. He said the only thing they could not verify was Jesus's skin colour, but that it is actually known what his physical structure looked like. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with these recent claims, but I would like to know, what would your opinion be on this? Does this give these visions anymore credence?

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@Russian Tank: "a cloth with

@Russian Tank: "a cloth with Jesus's face on it"

That sounds like the Shroud of Turin. People have been arguing over it's authenticity for decades. Try Googling it and see for yourself.

Judging from artistic depictions of Jesus, he was either Spanish-Italian with a striking resemblance to Cesare Borgia (son of Pope Alexander IV and brother of Lucrezia), or Swedish with long blond or light brown hair and blue eyes.

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Russian-Tank - Apparently

Russian-Tank - Apparently carbon dating was done to prove that this cloth existed around his time.

The Shroud of Turin was tested with carbon dating 3 times. All results are consistent with the fabric being produced around 1300 CE (~1300 years after the story of Jesus). This date is also consistent with the first written references to the artifact.

So the punch line is you have an artifact that suddenly appears around 1300 CE; which has been carbon dated to around 1300 CE. As usual, this artifact is only good enough to convince people who already believe; which is no accomplishment at all.

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of course it was not verified

of course it was not verified. what a pile of dogshit

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If there was a jesus he was a

If there was a jesus he was a nappy haired black gay man that begged for money and prostituted himself.

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one could postulate there was

one could postulate there was a man known as jesus Christ but its not a hard fact, let alone the rest of the theistic baggage.

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"Jesus" was an alias given to the biblical character by two con men in 1630. The name didn't exist before then. "Christ" is a title, and not a real name.



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And just add, Jesus (if he

And just to add, Jesus (if he even existed at all as a single person) would definitely look less European. A LOT less. Osama Bin Laden would look more like what Jesus would have than any of those fair skinned European depictions.
If Jesus sat next to Trump on an airplane, Trump would be shitting himself.

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Anyone who believes in the

Anyone who believes in the Shroud of Turin is a legitimate lunatic.

Think about it.

So Yeshua gets crucified and wrapped in the shroud around 32-33 A.D. He pops up like a zombie and leaves the shroud in the tomb. Someone finds it and takes the bloody rag home. Time passes. Around 70 A.D. the Romans sack Jerusalem and a Roman soldier ransacks some hovel and sees this old bloody rag. He thinks to himself that this is one heck of a war trophy and he puts it in his sack. The Roman soldier eventually makes it back to Italy and goes home to Turin. He then shows his buddies his loot from Jerusalem, an old bloody rag. So from maybe 80 A.D. to around 1300 A.D. the bloody rag is passed through the family as a treasured heirloom. Then the church gets it and sees Yeshua. It's now the year 2017 and supposedly intelligent people believe BS like this. It's too retarded to be even considered stupid.

We really need a giant asteroid to put us out of our misery because as a group we are too stupid to continue to survive as a species.

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Or maybe he was referring to

Or maybe he was referring to the veil of Veronica. The legend is that as Jesus was being led to his death, he stumbled. A lady (Veronica) rushed forward and wiped his brow with her kerchief. His image was magically captured on the cloth. I have to admit it always reminds me of the t shirts back in the 90s with smeared makeup all over them that said "I ran into Tammy Fay Bakker at the mall".
I recently went to a neighbor's house for a meeting. In the living room was a portrait of Cesare Borgia, uh I mean hot Jesus. All blond and blue and looking buff. On another wall was a large picture of Jesus clutching some small children in a way that would get him arrested today. Maybe it was a demonstration for Catholic priests.

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Jesus, from what I can dither

Jesus, from what I can dither out, was an archetypal good man who never really existed. He, as Joseph Campbell indicated, was just another Hero of 1000 faces.


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Yahoshuah will only be proven to be truly real when the end of the world comes or when we die and the judgment day comes.
Other than that, it is all a matter of faith. Miracles and visions, dreams and feelings are all we have for people claiming evidence.

Plus the Bible and all its claims.

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"If Jesus sat next to Trump on an airplane, Trump would be shitting himself."


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Btw, I noticed you have asked

Btw, I noticed you have asked the same questions on a number of websites now.

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Jesus is Horus. Was Horus

Jesus is Horus. Was Horus verified?

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