Was Joseph Smith the Greatest American Prophet?

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Was Joseph Smith the Greatest American Prophet?

The Biography of Joseph Smith Jr.

Joseph Smith Jr. is a fascinating character who has been up to all sorts of shenanigans. He made his own religion, had his own county, his own city, his own bank, and his own money. He also married over 30 women, some of which were already married, and some of which were just teenagers. He even had his own legion of troops a third of the size of the entire US army at that time. He even escaped from prison three times, with the third time only getting as far as out of the window.

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If he did not meet a violent

If he did not meet a violent end, I would probably have no problem agreeing with you. L. Ron Hubbard might be a good contender.

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Well, the Mormons have

Well, the Mormons have evidence that Jesus came to America and preached so I can not see how you would put Joseph Smith above Jesus. That's Blasphemy!!!

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Maybe Joseph Smith and L. Ron

Maybe Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard could have an arm wrestling contest to determine who is the master.

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I'd rather them slap each

I'd rather them slap each other senseless in a last man standing, kinda death match scenario...

With great big rubber cocks in hand!

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Was Joseph Smith the Greatest

Was Joseph Smith the Greatest American Prophet?



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First a 'prophet' would need

First a 'prophet' would need to be a real thing that somebody could actually be.

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@Arakish and Blink

@Arakish and Blink

Party poopers!

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Somebody has to be.

Somebody has to be.

But to expound on my answer to the OP: How are you defining "prophet." Because I love one thing George Carlin said: "Atheism is a non-prophet organization."


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Carlin said: "Atheism is a

Carlin said: "Atheism is a non-prophet organization."

LOLOLOL That's funny! OH, he was the best.

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America's greatest prophet

America's greatest prophet was Gary Hart. Remember him? ("I am not a womanizer"). On September 5, 2001, he met with aviation executives to warn them of an imminent airborne terrorist attack. The following day he met with Condoleezza Rice and urged her to strengthen Homeland Security.

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Yes, I remember that well! I

Yes, I remember that well! I am, like others, one of those who believe Bush knew it was going to happen. I think they just didn't believe it, or couldn't agree on what to do about it.

I may not be remembering this correctly, but didn't Eddie Rickenbacker tell Congress that Hawaii would be attached by Japan? Or he thought it would be the Western coast.

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Well if no one else is paying

Well if no one else is paying attention to the Mormon FACT that Jesus Christ himself came to America and made prophecies I am going to throw my hat into the pile and vote for the greatest non-Jesus American profit of all time. World rebound for his devotion to Christ, racial neutrality, feeding the poor, and population control. Jim Jones.

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@Cog Re: Jim Jones

@Cog Re: Jim Jones

I have a fantastic campaign slogan in mind:


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A sleazy conman and a

A sleazy conman and a paedophile.

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