Since we are playing these games, IMAGINE....

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Since we are playing these games, IMAGINE....

On another thread, a member asked us to "imagine" if evolution failed. It is a preposterous request. One that was made so that the OP could move the goal post to justify creation by a god theory.

So let's turn the tide, shall we?
Imagine that every time someone even mentioned a god, they had to prove that god/gods existence...WITH CREDIBLE PROOF. Not faith, not the look around bullshit, not first cause crap, not intelligent design nonsense, not bible stories, but real empirical verifiable corroborated peer-reviewed substantiated proof. Just like science does and has to do.
I pose this question to make believers apply the same scrutiny to their god theory as they demand of scientific fact. If they did so, there is no way they could believe in their god, but more importantly, they would stopping imposing that shit on everyone else.

"You, yo, yo, say God..."

"Er stop right there, you have to prove your god"

"Prove it? Well, okay. See everything moves so there has to be....Oh, wait uh...Just look that ain't it...Ya have to have...nope, hang on a sec...Oh, I know...See everything looks organized so something intell...The bible says....
Oh shit, I can't! Forget I said anything."

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You know, I sometimes think

You know, I sometimes think that if there was a god, he'd be chewing the carpet, and tearing his holy hair out with frustration at the idiocies and absurdities of religion.

I imagine this god looking at creation and thinking 'Why the hell did I bother with it? And why, in particular did I bother to create mankind? They've been nothing but a fucking nuisance to me ever since! Why do they keep on worshiping me and telling me how great I am? I already know that! Jesus, there they go again, more virgins to the sacrifice. They've got to be nuts! Erm, wait a minute, I made them all didn't I? Maybe there's something wrong with me.....At which point the god disappears up the black hole created by his own, immutable physical laws. Pop!

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What would evidence of a god

What would evidence of a god be? Believers like to point out the "fine tuning" of the universe as evidence. I submit the opposite would be impressive evidence. If the laws of gravity were different in Toledo than Paduca, that would raise some eyebrows. If matter and antimatter coexisted peacefully on one street in every city. An elephant gives birth to an old man, the man lives a full life aging in reverse. Turns into a zygote then splits into sperm and egg. You get what I am saying. If the laws of nature appeared malleable.

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That would be something,

That would be something, wouldn't it? I once asked a salvationist why his god created slugs. He said, 'So hedgehogs would have something to eat.' And I asked, 'Why couldn't hedgehogs be vegetarians who eat stinging nettles, or something? Now that, to my mind, would be a far more intelligent option. But why stinging nettles anyway? Or hedgehogs, come to that? Or poisonous snakes and spiders f'rinstance? Just a thought.

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Reminds me of these comics
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LOL! and LOL again! Got any

LOL! and LOL again! Got any more?

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The minions of God have a

The minions of God have a couple of excuses for their surroundings. Note: if something bad happens, then it is God who is testing you, if something good happens, then God has blessed you for your faith. You can’t ask questions, because “Woe to him who quarrels with his Creator, a shard of earthly shards! Will the clay say to the potter: “what are you doing?” and will your deed say of you, "He has no hands?"
Isaiah 45:9 - Isaiah 45:9: "

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This is a very comfortable

This is a very comfortable position in which asking questions is not only inconvenient, but not right. Even if there is a God, they don’t want to know who it is, why he created us and why he acted so selfishly with us, if we are his children, then doesn’t it seem to him that he punished us too much. Well, if it is not there, then everything is much simpler, after death, all of us will simply become nothing. What is not possible to attach and imagine

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I agree with you, the

I agree with you, the important thing is to choose according to your needs.

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