Well, I do like writing poems, so maybe... "Reading Relax" time?

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Well, I do like writing poems, so maybe... "Reading Relax" time?

Sleeping Hope
Here I am,
buried beneath my own thoughts.
Sipping glasses of red wine alloyed with tears.
On a hilltop gazing the horizont of the fading sun,
coloring the now amber sky.
Stretching and splashing,
like a Painter's hand.

Beneath a tree,
calmly gazing the endless horizont.
The blowing wind, caressing my face.
The shaking leaves, like pressing marbles.
The now-new Moon, with blue neons,
mesmerizing my eyes.

I wish I could fly,
In sheets of white.
Through the waves of wind,
and the amber light.


Alone In The Rain
Waiting here Alone,
above on this Chandelier of clouds.
Peacefully gazing
that Shimmering Moon.
As trickles of water spew below,
the melody of Carillons melted my Soul!

Had I every right to break my Insanity,
From that roaring Lightning,
the Choir of my Screams!
From that Eloquent Wind
caressing my Face!
From that Blue Light
mesmerizing my Eyes!

I felt everything,
for once my Death blinked,
just for once the Scythe was lowered!
For once I felt Joy within this Symphony!
For once I felt Pain walk away
as that Rain inked my Soul of gray!
As my Madness, nurtured the Colours of Time,
painteth my Past over, gracing me Life!

O Love! Thy name I seek!
Strike my Heart,
let thy Fire start...

I wish I could sleep,
Above on the clouds....


The Last Hug
Lastly together they were,
within their locks,
keys hidden within their hearts.
Deaf to the wolves' howls,
screeching lust to tear them apart.
Fire fairies that sealed the door
and the little Souls;
holding hands until the end.

Clutching tightly,
for one last time,
Brother and Sister they were.
As the frost clenched their home,
alas the door was soon undone.

The last howl of the sky,
fell within the house of ice.
Their breath quietly began to slow,
Their hearts pumped for one last row.

Now letteth dance to the symphony of the Wolves,
for Brother and Sister under the Snow,
Pale and Lifeless... a bond untold.

Let thy laughter echo within these walls,
let thy Soul run 'n giggle,
play again within your Home.
Near the fire, *smiles*
one with the Doll,
the other the sword.
never to Cry, never Alone.

Last words, alas I wrote,
my last footsteps above this Snow.

Well, fap your eyes out.



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Impressive :) Are you in a

Impressive :) Really liked the first one. Are you in a creative writing class?

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No, it's just a way to give

No, it's just a way to give the middle-finger to reality sometimes.

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