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In the past, I've stated on

In the past, I've stated on several occasions that creationism is a corporate business, and the same is pretty much true of religion in general in the USA. It's a natural home for money vampires like Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen. Indeed, in the past, I've suggested that the Mafia are insanely jealous of televangelists, because whilst Mafia bosses eventually rack up enough reasons for law enforcement to swoop and indict them for their activities, televangelists not only get away with fleecing people and leading luxury lifestyles from the proceeds, but are legally allowed to dodge tax whilst doing so. I bet Al Capone wished he'd gone into the Jeebus business instead of protection rackets and bootlegging.

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Agreed Calilasseia, the

Agreed Calilasseia, the religion con is far older and more refined, with a far larger more willing "mark" audience.

What is hilarious, the major religions have gotten so weakened, they cant even fight off these parasites to the con they originally cooked up.


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