What is an atheist?

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What is an atheist?

From Google:
a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.
"he is a committed atheist"
synonyms: nonbeliever, disbeliever, unbeliever, skeptic, doubter, doubting Thomas, agnostic; nihilist
"why is it often assumed that a man of science is probably an atheist?"

The best definition: https://www.atheists.org/activism/resources/about-atheism/

We had a poster claim that they were a nonatheist on their profile then become indignant when called a believer.

Either you are an atheist a person described by "the best definition" or you are not. If you are not, then you believe in some supernatural power or deity. There is no other option.
When one states that they are a nonatheist or not an atheist, they are in fact claiming that they hold some belief. It couldn't be more simple than that.

Please read in full the "best definition" definition. For those of you that don't know or don't understand this will clarify things.

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I am a polyatheist. I don't

I am a polyatheist. I don't believe in thousands of gods.

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Atheist, Polyatheist,

Atheist, Polyatheist, Agnostic, Pantheist, Humanist, Secular, Bright, Freethinker... -and this could also be used in Life of Brian's thread- The People's Front of Judea or the Judean's People Front...

Let's get rid of the stigma of the word 'atheist' once and for all, at least in countries where we have the freedom of saying this out loud... Unity makes strengh, we need the same label.

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Godless Heathens?

Godless Heathens?

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The trouble with "atheist" is

The trouble with "atheist" is that it's a negative word. So's "godless". If we call ourselves atheists, we're allowing ourselves to be defined by religion. My world view is that reality consists solely of matter and forces as described by physical science, and that my consciousness is the product of chemical and electrical processes inside my brain. Absence of religion is not my defining characteristic.

What happened to "Brights"?

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Brights is good! Freethinker

Brights is good! Freethinker was good enough for Kurt Vonnegut.

On an organ donation card I carried circa 1980 I identified my self under "religion" as a "Born Again Secular Humanist Neo-Pagan Comedian"

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Why did you need to state

Why did you need to state your religion as an organ donor? Do organ recipients pick and choose according to the donor's religion?

I suppose I can relate to that. I guess Mormon livers would be the best quality, since they don't drink alcohol. But I'd be reluctant to have any Catholic parts because of all the altar wine they drink and the possibility of herpes from communion cups.

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I chose to cite my religion

I chose to cite my religion as stated because I am a Born Again Secular Humanist Neo-Pagan Comedian! Last laughs count, you know!

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They could be describe as "naturalists", another label to the label. And Chimp, yes, also godless, and I forgot to include skeptics, physicalists, objetivists, materialists...

We need to get out of the public closet.

P.S. Imagine the acronym. Non-heteros have LGTBI, us ANAPHOMSAPTBA... Atheist is shorter and easier to articulate.

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I agree, Algebe, it's not for

I agree, Algebe, it's not for me either. But when religion becomes the definining characteristic of social and political views (therefore, new laws and changes in education) maybe it's about time to let it define us.

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Theism means lacking the

Theism means lacking the belief that there is no god lol

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John: 'Theism means lacking

John: 'Theism means lacking the belief that there is no god lol"

Except all the other gods!

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As if that makes an actual

As if that makes an actual difference lol. Sure, I'm 99.9% atheist. You can sleep soundly tonight my child.

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I am old enough to be your

I am old enough to be your father.

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
I can only guess people's age

I can only guess people's age by their comments, so...

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LOl!!! My immaturity is what

LOl!!! My immaturity is what keeps me young and flexible!

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JOHN...99.9%???? Get off the

JOHN...99.9%???? Get off the fence!!! So you're sayin' there a chance?

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Cage Fight !!! Catholic

Cage Fight!!! Catholic fights Blindfolded Seventh Day Adventist!! Admission price $17.50!!!

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Whose this Catholic that

Whose this Catholic that dares disturb my slumber?

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I have a friend Jacob, and he

I have a friend Jacob, and he says he's not a theist or an atheist. He says, "why do I need a name? I don't believe or disbelieve, I just don't give a shit." I guess unaffiliated?

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