What is the best thing about being an atheist?

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What is the best thing about being an atheist?

I'm just curious about it. :)

BTW, I'm a Christian, but not a very devoted one. I pray, but I rarely go to church.

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Being open minded. You are

Being open minded. You are not relegated to presuppositions if you start from a blank slate.

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Doing good things for the

Doing good things for the good things sake, not for going to heaven.

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You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth :) I love for the sake of love itself, not because I owe it to others based on a religious doctrine that's outside of me.

Self reliance, also. I have learned to trust myself and my own judgement, and take full accountability and *responsibility* for any errors I make. I have no one to answer to but myself.

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Being an Atheist means like

Being an Atheist means like Damanar said above allows for you to be openminded and less prejudes. But it also eliminates the feeling of self guilt in the case of christianity "sin". This self guilt created by the thought that a supream being frowing down apon you is a detriment to your moral and self-esteem. So by letting religion go you eliminate the self guilt that assositated with christianity. But granted you would obveiously feel guilt if you did something bad like killing someone or running over a rabbit. But the guilt that im talking about it way differnet from that of which the bible preachs about. For example Homosexuality is not a sin and if you make that person feel like that its a sin to be gay you are destroying his self-esteem and moral.

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The best thing about atheist

The best thing about atheist is that They're un-yielding. You force yourselve to stay atheist but as a believer, its easy flowing when u're in Christ.

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False, Most if not all

False, Most if not all atheists don't force themselves to stay atheist, the majority are atheists because of the lack of evidence for a deity and the increasing absurdity in religion and it's claims, like the Divinity of Jesus.

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And when they find evidence

And when they find evidence through circumstances beyod their imagination, do they realise its a work of a Supreme Being? No!

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I have always believed that

I have always believed that if a question is unanswered now that eventually someday it will be answered. That is why I am an atheist, because throughout history we have proved that the Earth is not the center of the universe and I believe that someday we will have substantial evidence that God(s) does not exist. Such as the trends in history tell us. (:

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The best thing about being an

The best thing about being an Atheist: not feeling the burden of trying to understand a higher being, not feeling shame for not praying, and going throughout my day without feeling sad that God had not entered my mind once.

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Freedom from fear for the

Freedom from fear for the afterlife may be the best thing about being an atheist. Atheist people are more free to discover about their own existence and much more open with regards to details that are disregarded by religious people.
Atheist are people who put their mind to the extent of getting the information that they needed in accordance to evidence and not because of influential factors.
I can say that atheist are people as free as eagle. Free to soar the world in their own perspective.

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For me, the best part is not

For me, the best part is not beating myself up on a daily basis. I don't have to wonder why all these bad things happen to my child and myself. I know I'm not being punished by someone for doing absolutely nothing wrong. I used to wonder "why did god allow this to happen to me?" I used to do that with EVERYTHING! And now I realize that all the bad that happens to me isn't some form of punishment or "trial." It's part of life. It's something I caused, someone else caused, or there isn't any explanation (like giving birth to a disabled child who has doctors puzzled at this point). I'm in control of my own happiness, and I've never felt better about myself! :)

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Godless people and secular

Godless people and secular people are more tolerant, less sexist, less chauvinistic, less homoprhobic and much more supportive of women’s rights.

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and last but not least the

and last but not least the self-reliance and complete accountability that comes from not having a "god" to ask for things or blame for our transgressions.

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In the end if our beliefs

In the end if our beliefs make us feel better, then its the most important. We must live our life happily without the worrying on the things that we cannot explain. By that we can live simplier, happier, and free.

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The fact that being an

The fact that being an atheist is something you chose freely is a great reason to me.

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Short but sweet, i completely

Short but sweet, i completely agree. I for example consider myself an atheist in the sense that i dont believe the universe was created by a "god" but by a force that is way too complex and powerful to our undertanding. Thinking that all of this came from nothing is just as ridiculous as believing in a god that kills and punishes for no good reason.

Diego Javier Noguera Rico's picture
I like not having to verbally

I like not having to verbally thank a "higher-being" about everything that goes good in life, but instead thanking those who helped me achieve it. (If that made any sense)
Also being open-minded to a lot of subjects and not throw everything in the "Taboo Box".

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I agree - it's nice to give

I agree - it's nice to give credit where credit is do. And much more effective to nurture the actual source of your good fortune with your gratitude :)

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I think there are atheists

I think there are atheists who are just as stupid as religious people. Many atheists are also very shallow materialistic people. Let's not generalize.

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For those of us that are

For those of us that are still on the agnostic end of atheism - I like the open minded feeling of not really knowing what is the essential driving force behind the universe, and the excitement of being able to explore the possibilities.

To me, after reading volumes and volumes of Stephen Hawking and other cosmology theorists, I think it must be *awfully* boring to know undoubtedly exactly how the world was created and how it will end, since it's already written in the bible.

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Not wasting your time for

Not wasting your time for thanking 'god' or spending time praying/ or at church. Instead I spend my time meditating and doing other things.

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The best thing, to me, about

The best thing, to me, about being an atheist is that I get to discuss philosophy with everyone on a neutral ground. (:

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I wont say open-mindedness

I wont say open-mindedness because I think is possible to be open minded and still be a theist. I have met a few high up ones too to my surprise. Actually some of the higher ups or shepherds as I will call them are usually way more open-minded than the sheep. this makes me awfully suspicious of these shepherds though, Makes me think one day they might take advantage of these sheep. any day now there will be a shepherd standing there with a trimmer and bag shaving his sheep for all they are worth and leading them into the back of a butchers van because they will blindly follow.

I won't say not having to answer to a god because I might in fact have to answer to one someday if I am wrong. I don't know there is a god of some sort and without proof its hard for me to believe in one but I also do not have proof there is not one either.

I wont say because it is something I can choose freely because honestly I could freely choose any belief and that includes freely choosing to be a theist.

I will not say doing good things for the sake of doing good as I believe anyone can do that regardless of whether they think it will get them to heaven or not. A religious person who thinks doing good will help them get into heaven can still do good for the sake of doing good. They may think they are already going or can't possibly make it, they may think it does not matter as long as they don't do bad but in any event, anyone can do good for the sake of doing good. And from what I have heard about most versions of christian gods I don't think doing good for the sake of getting into heaven would get them there as according to them he is all knowing. Jesus had a story about this, it had to do with a church goer stepping over a beggar who he pays no mind every week on the Sabbath to go to church, when he dies he see the beggar who never went to church next to God while he roast in the flames of Hell because he went to church to be a good person while in fact stepping over the beggar and ignoring him every week made him a bad person while the beggar just was a good person, In my opinion if their god is real and all-knowing, not only was your fate already chosen but he would know if in your heart you were truly trying to do good or were just trying to kiss up anyways!

Personally the best thing about being an atheist to is the ability to be honest with myself about my beliefs and not feel stupid for being so.

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Alright man, I confess - it's

Alright man, I confess - it's just about sleeping in on Sundays :)

Perhaps none our proclaimed "best things about atheism" are really intrinsic to atheism, but the fact that we've seen these quite admirable things in it speaks to the fact that there's some great people in this forum. Let's enjoy that :)

I've also known quite a few preachers who themselves had doubt. I can understand it. People are looking to believe and receive guidance, and they have the ability to help those people do what they want to do. It's as admirable as any other profession when it's done honestly. You really don't have to tell the people that you believe - just point out in the scripture where there is a lesson they could benefit from, and explain to them how they could view this archaic situation in a way that is relevant to what they are going through now. After that, the choice is theirs, so just wish them luck in making the right one and point them in the direction of the collection plate by the door - of course, you can't *make* them pay you, but that's guilt's job not yours. Yours is to entertain, so people come to your sermon. A little eloquence, insight, and plenty of free donuts are all much more important than *your* faith as a preacher.

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LOL, the priest I have known

LOL, the priest I have known to have the most parishioners was the also coincidentally the fastest priest I have ever seen he was in and out the door in 15 minutes place was packed with people even on the steps. Some calling their spouses to tel them they were at church. He also ran the free donuts with coffee bit on Sundays. I would witness people seeing him for the first time and they would be leaving talking to each other saying things like "boy was he fast, I like this priest, we should come back to this church again" People would drive out of their way for his fast sermons. His church was always bringing in the most money as well for the area. My brother-in-law loved that priest! I would even go out of my way to wish the priest a happy fathers day! saved me so much of my youth I was able to leave the house and be back in less than 45 minutes with church done! If priest want more parishioners and to generate more money they just gotta be quick!

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5 minute mass - I think you

5 minute mass - I think you've got yourself a million dollar franchise idea :)

Zaphod's picture
I am almost certain if you

I am almost certain if you could get a mass down to 5 minutes you could probably make enough money to permanently revive the careers in full force of Bone Thugs and Harmony's Krayzie and Bizzy Bone as Preachers or priest. As an added benefit I would go out of my way to see it! I am almost certain you could pay them more then they were making in Bones Thugs and Harmony! Once the franchise was proven, you could probably even hire Busta.

SammyShazaam's picture
If I paid for a 5 minute Bone

If I paid for a 5 minute Bone Thugs & Busta concert, I'd be pissed. Unless they put out a pair of boxing nuns as the opening act.

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I am a Catholic and it is

I am a Catholic and it is interesting to read the responses on this thread.
I just like to say that being a believer, you can also be open-minded and I could agree that whatever we believed in or not believing in, all sorts of person can be found in the group.

SammyShazaam's picture
Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Correct me if I'm wrong, but being a believer would imply that you have a specific belief?

And, wouldn't the specificity get in the way of open-mindedness?

I'm not a theist, so I honestly would like to hear your answer.


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