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What do you do?

What are you going to do when you die and find out you were wrong?!?

This is a question that I get all the time from theists, basically they are sayin as I'm burning in hell won't I be sorry I didn't listen. Lol !!

So I pose the same question back on theists....
What are you going to do when you die and realize the god you worship is wrong?

Also I will answer the question myself.

I lead a good life, I care for people, I love, i don't try to hurt people. Overall I would say I am a pretty good person, so that being said if god turns out to be real and he wants to send me to hell for not believing in him then he is not a god worth worship in the first place.

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So I pose the same question

So I pose the same question back on theists....
What are you going to do when you die and realize the god you worship is wrong?

Hmm...let me think...
For me, I would imagine that if God is different from who I thought he was then that would be a good thing. -He'd be even greater than what I could believe him to be. But if he doesn't like me or something negative, not much I can do. I don't and can't believe that every single thing that I believe about God is a lie.

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Rot away like everyone and

Rot away like everyone and everything else in the universe.

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Let's assume that I am wrong.

Let's assume that I am wrong. Let's assume you are right. There is nothing I could do to prevent the god from punishing me for using the mental faculties I have to remain unconvinced that there was any good evidence that it existes.

Let's assume you are wrong about the whatever god you believe exists and it is instead the norse god and you are doomed to an eternity in their "Helheim" or hell. What do YOU do??

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It's really interesting

It's really interesting because I always thought that if given the chance to repent even at the gates of heaven, any one person would repent. But if you still wouldn't, well that's ur choice ok?

The assumption about the Norse God is a really big assumption, and I don't think about those things for obvious reasons, one being that I'd prob. go crazy. But I know who my God is and I know what I believe.

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but do you know what you

but do you know what you believe is true? Do you ever have doubts? I know one thing, my children never doubt that I love them and would do anything I could for them. You've never met your god. You've never seen him, you've never heard his voice. If you have you had a psychotic break.

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I affirm and stand by what I

I affirm and stand by what I believe.

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Maybe your belief is nothing more than a delusion.

Almost everything you know is based on knowledge gained within the last 100 years. So why do you believe in ancient ethnocentric Middle Eastern Jewish religious fairy tales? Even the Bible said not to do that.

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I'm not sure if you really

I'm not sure if you really read any of my comments. I guess atheists and theists both do that to each other. Everything I know isn't based on knowledge gained from the last 100 years. I know this because the bible is as old as time. I do not believe in ancient ethnocentric middle eastern Jewish religious fairy tales. If I ever said this or gave this impression, I don't know what to do tell you.

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The fairy tales might be ancient but the Bible is only about 1,325 years old.

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doesn't make it true.

doesn't make it true.

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You say that a norse god is a big assumption, but your god is not a big assumption? Can you prove your god is real?

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Sorry, I can't prove it to

Sorry, I can't prove it to you. Proving that God exists to atheists is something Christians and a lot of other religious people have tried to do for as long as there have been atheists. Has it ever worked? No. If you want proof and I mean you genuinely want to know this kind of God that many people follow and believe in than I suggest watching a video by Joseph Prince.

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A compelling pathos appeal is

A compelling pathos appeal is not proof, or even genuine. It's a marketing tool. A crying baby doesn't make an insurance company a good one, just like a sentimental apologist doesn't make God real. I think you don't quite grasp the meaning of evidence.

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Have to agree with some of

Have to agree with some of the comments here... I'm an atheist and yet I've never smoked or done drugs, always friendly to people, teach martial arts to children who have been bullied in order to build confidence and self defence... and yet I'll be heading to hell.

Sounds like a just god...

If there was a god, I could only imagine one who's want her creations to do good and not live a life of kissing her arse and forcing their opinions of others.

I would imagine a god that would make it clear and leave something noteworthy evidence wise of her exsistance...

I'd imagine a god that would be pissed at followers if a cult in her name don't stand up to the corruption and the sexual abuse of children that are commuted by the heads of these organisations...

But here's another question, what if your god that you envisage as male... identifies as a women? Long hair and all that... better tread carefully!

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"The assumption about the

"The assumption about the Norse God is a really big assumption"
A bigger assumption than the three-for-one offer, or a "prophet sent by god", etc? It's the same assumption. It's all superstition.

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Of I die and I was wrong,

Of I die and I was wrong, that there is a god, and some holy book was proven true, I would consult another dead person in hell. Preferably a psychologist or psychiatrist, so I could pinpoint the origin of this God's sociopathic sadistic tendencies.

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Of course "god" does not

Of course "god" does not suddenly become moral if I should happen to see it.

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I've actually posed this

I've actually posed this question to my own friends. Ex-seminarians, my girlfriend, some teachers (all of them Catholics). My teachers actually said the question was nonsensical as if there was not God, there wouldn't be an afterlife and therefore no window of opportunity to "find out that God didn't exist." Which made sense. Then I told him to humor me.

And he gave the answer that, "he'll regret nothing". I'd answer the same way.

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