What do you feel about Homosexuality?

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Perfectly natural. I support

Perfectly natural. I support gay rights but I am also an extreme civil libertarian. Not only do I support the right for gays and lesbians to marry I also support the right for a heterosexual woman to have two husbands, etc.

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Why would you support

Why would you support polygamy?

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K think whatever consenting

I think whatever consenting adults do to between themselves is their business.

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Well, thinking it again...

Well, thinking it again... nobody hates threesomes, I learned that from Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer... Ah the people they put on the show (some clearly scripted, but fun to watch).

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Hi Endri!

Hi Endri!

Well, thinking it again... nobody hates threesomes....

I must be oddball then, I've always found threesomes to be ... awkward. The reality has never met the expectations of the fantasy. At some point in time in the sexual activity, one person seems to feels like an "extra".

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Trust me, It's gonna be great

Trust me, It's gonna be great, 2 D,4 B, 2 V is never too much.

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I don't know the source of

I don't know the source of this quote but is funny:

"If I wanted to disappoint two people at once I would invite my parents over for dinner.'

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I don't really understand

I don't really understand homosexuality (why someone would choose/prefer/have a disposition for same sex relations). In the same way; I don't understand why some people like Pepsi better than Coke. In both cases I think it is best to let people do what they want/need/whatever.

/e same goes for polygamy, knock yourself out!

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Which do you like, Coke or

Which do you like, Coke or Pepsi? I prefer Dr Pepper.

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heretic! Dr. Pepper is

heretic! Dr. Pepper is unnatural!

/e you have been scheduled for soda conversion therapy.

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Dr Pepper is an abomination!!

Dr Pepper is an abomination!!! You need to get right with the Lord.

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I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I also

I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I also Like Fresca and Royal Crown Cola. Alas, they are all very bad for you. If I have a soda, I have to work out twice as hard to burn off the sugar fat from soda.

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We humans have a nasty habit

We humans have a nasty habit of being prohibitive, especially with respect to sexuality. Our cultural norms are pretty hard to shake, so something historically frowned upon can maintain inertia long after the underlying motivations of the norm are shown to be flawed. My view is that morality and ethics are underpinned by what improves wellbeing and/or reduces suffering. Offense to our sensibilities is no cause to prohibit something. If 2 or 3 or 19 people are engaged in a relationship or activity that is preferred by those people and is not harming anyone, then other persons should stay out of it. If someone is forced or coerced or otherwise harmed then that person should be protected. But what people choose to do with their bodies "neither breaks my leg or robs my purse" as Thomas Jefferson once said. I'd like for humanity to stay out of people's lives. We each have roughly 80 years of life. Anything that interferes with someone's personal, non-injurious decisions is unethical.

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same sex attraction has no

same sex attraction has no effect on me, What people do with there own body is up to them. the big question comes down to either genetics or the environment, today people are more tolerant in certain parts of the globe then others. Religion caused quite a lot of problems for the homosexual community. But people are lighting up now.They no longer accept religious dogmas that froze people for millennium. Lets all get along AND ACCept one another.and live in peace.

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Whether it is a choice or not

Whether it is a choice or not (Even though science tells us that it exists in nature and it has a genetic predisposition), its not my right to judge them for it and so none of my or anyones god dammed business.

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I agree completely with

I agree completely with Charvak. People are trying to live their lives by being with and loving the people they want to be with; others should stay the hell out of it. A great many humans seem hellbent on ruining other people's brief existence.

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I could not give a flying

I could not give a flying flip about someone's sexual orientation.


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