what do you guys think about christmas?

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what do you guys think about christmas?

I just want to know your perspective

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An early Bronze age / Iron

An early Bronze age / Iron age agricultural society , the coming of winter posses real problems……by midwinter it is obvious that there will not be enough stored fodder to keep the herds/flocks fed ,fit and well until the spring. So.. what to do ?

Solution … Select the weakest of the flock for slaughter …

Cull half the flock , thus ensuring the remaining half has enough fodder to survive until the spring …when the numbers can be bred up again. Now the problem becomes what to do with all the meat ,(the hides ,skins ,horns ,fleeces etc. all become useful products).

But all that meat…. Imperfect storage technology/facilities…..solution large midwinter feast…(spread the wealth ,reinforce societies bonds ,help the family/clan/tribe survive the winter).

So…really big party lots of food…lots of drink….clans meet up for socialising…arranging betrothals /weddings…trading land /goods etc.

Check out History and cultural significance below…


Now along comes a new ,somewhat austere religion , trying to ban such gatherings….. not unsurprisingly the population objects …. And of course ,whatever the religion.. the core reason for the feasts remains the same…agricultural necessity .

So unable to ban the jollity the religion simply overwrites its own myths onto the society. Done once it becomes increasingly easy to repeat the exercise with all “suspect” celebrations….. Samain becomes All Hallows eve……Imbolg becomes Candlemas….. Beltane becomes Ascension Day ….. Eostre becomes Easter etc.etc.
Initially the participants notice no changes… then slowly the old pagan motifs are “discouraged” and over time become forgotten ….
then over years ,decades ,centuries…..
why the religion has always been there….



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It's xmas eve. Many of my

It's xmas eve. Many of my family are coming over for a big dinner. I am cooking a huge ham. As a vegetarian, atheist, secular Jew, I think that's an appropriate food to cook for a holiday the xtians stole. We are watching football (damn, Russel Wilson just got sacked!). We will have a fab time! It is Santa for my grandkids and good food and great wine for us oldsters. I adore xmas! It DOES NOT belong to the xtians!

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Love it.

Love it.

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I have fond memories of

I have fond memories of Christmas when I was growing up in the UK. A mid-winter festival is just what you need in the middle of a long, grey winter. But up here in the Southern Hemisphere it makes zero sense. Who needs to be cheered up in the middle of summer? It's the season of the beach, beer, bbq and bikini. Yet people still overspend, overeat, overdrink. Sweaty Santas suffer in malls. And the usual suspects appear on the news urging us to remember the true meaning of Christmas. I'm with Scrooge.

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for me Christmas is fun when

for me Christmas is fun when you have friends and family that surround you. since I have neither it is just another day for me.the spiritual aspect of it has gone, since I turned agnostic, I don`t celebrate Christ birth any more.That means not going to church services.i really have no gifts to buy, I don`t make any special food because there is no one here to eat it.Now that I`m 61 years old this time of year in cold new York isn`t much fun.

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It's the best time of the

It's the best time of the year.

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