What do you guys think of scientology?

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What do you guys think of scientology?

So much has been said about this "religion" that obviously makes a lot of money with many celebrity supporters in their ranks. Why do you guys think it has had such a strong following over other new age religions?

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Juts another scam to get

Juts another scam to get people to give up their money. This particular scam is very lucrative.

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well one of their beliefs is

well one of their beliefs is that humans are inmortal biengs, i guess the creator of that religion was lying beacuse he is death...

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Scientology seems as

Scientology seems as plausible as many of the other smaller, newly formed religions of the world. With that being said, I think it brings in more money and more celebrities than any other religion besides Catholicism.

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If that's the criteria for

If that's the criteria for success in terms of religion (might as well be, so far as I see it) then I think Scientology is going to take first place!

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Most capitalistic and

Most capitalistic and amazingly effective religious invetion ever. Got to give it to Hubbard.

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One of the corrupt religion

One of the corrupt religion ever. I have nothing against their beliefs in immortality and reincarnation or to whatever teachings that they have that are payable for a thousand bucks but it seems that the founder and administrators will do good more in business and politics rather than in religion.

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I don't think I'd qualify it

I don't think I'd qualify it as a scam, so much as a tax loophole for the extremely rich of Hollywood. Donations made to this Church, which is basically just a group of coworkers and friends, are tax deductible. So, they're basically just using it to funnel their money away from Uncle Sam - and all they have to do is act like they believe that stuff. They're actors, so you know they can do it and do it well :)

Nice scheme, but I don't call scam. I can see where it would be quite beneficial if you were an A-lister already on the level of those in the club. It's ridiculous enough to keep most other people out, which I think is their goal.

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I think Sammy really hits the

I think Sammy really hits the nail on the head here! i would have said nearly the same thing today, but really she puts it better than I can.

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I think Scientology is a

I think Scientology is a really cool concept and I am surprised that so many people believe in it.

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I have looked into

I have looked into Scientology and it core beliefs do have some merit. To some, it may not make much sense, but I can see where they get the back story they provide. They should have come up with it sooner though as it could have taken over even the big name religions we see today.

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It seems to work for

It seems to work for celebtities and this is why it has become so popular. The masses are always going to buy into the hollywood BS.

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Yep. So I hear, Hollywood is

Yep. So I hear, Hollywood is getting wrapped up in some faux Illuminati craze now. I guess Scientology is just so 90's.

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I simply find it a

I simply find it a fascinating as an example of how gullible and submissive we (as a species) are wiling to allow ourselves to be. Hubbard basically explained that he would invent a fake religion and focus on the money in order to get rich. He literally told the world he was going to bullshit idiots for money in exchange for some bullshit religious psychological comforts.

Now I will apologize for my vulgarity, it was meant to state the above colourfully and with some intended humour. I am referring to the term "idiots". Not that is does not fit per se, but rather that the term is subjective, and in some cases more excusable and understandable.

What Hubbard knew was the psychology of the damaged mind. The same reason many of us need some therapy or other healthy emotional outlets, release from pain, stress, fear, etcetera; is the same reason appeals to religion and mysticism prevail as options.

He knew that he need not convince everyone because a certain percentage are innately susceptible to these schemes, or my circumstances made susceptible.

The fact that a science fiction writer who claimed that the best way to get rich was invent a religion is actually believed by so many prominent public figures is hilarious to me.

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I know a number of people who

I know a number of people who seem to fit into this "innately susceptible" category. I wonder what is going on in their minds that they constantly feel that they have to look outside of themselves for something to believe in. Isn't what's inside enough?

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I didn't realize that was the

I didn't realize that was the case with Scientology. Where was this quoted from?

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LOL, I used to think

LOL, I used to think Scientology was based on the belief of science until I went to the library and picked up a book on Scientology when I was 8. That was some funny stuff.

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Yeah, there should really be

Yeah, there should really be a religion that uses the label of Science that actually has some edge of scientific approach to it. The other famous one is Christian Science - what an oxymoron!

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I know very little about the

I know very little about the Scientology. I just knew about it on news because some famous Hollywood stars are members. I think it was just made to get material things since members are said to be majority rich and famous.

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I'm still intrigued by the

I'm still intrigued by the idea, but can't grasp the reality of it when you read that it's "creator" wasn't really intending to create a real religion from it.

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