What do you think makes you valuable?

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What do you think makes you valuable?

Do you people think we are valuable only because of how many people find us valuable or because of how we feel about ourselves. I have to say I think the word value itself means that a person or an item is of worth to someone else. Based on that premise you are only arrogant if you believe yourself of value even if no one else does.

What do you think?

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We must love ourselves first

We must love ourselves first before we love others because only in that way we can understand the real meaning of love. Valuing ourselves is very important to gain confidence and self-esteem. For me myself worth depends on how I value myself despite of how low some people thinks about me.

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Yes but self worth is only

Yes but self worth is only meassurable by your perspective, and because of this it holds no actual value. Darklight makes a point there. You have no actual value unless others value you. Value means to have worth that others want to aquire. In the case of people, it means being worth their time, admiration and respect.

There is no real value if no one but yourself holds any of these feelings for you.

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I see what you're saying, but

I see what you're saying, but I don't really believe that. One person's opinion (in this cas your own) is still valuable, and if you think you're valuable, then that still counts for something!

Think of the person who spent $28k on that grilled cheese sandwich that kind of looked like it had the Virgin Mary burned into it. Most of us would agree that the grilled cheese sandwich, since it already had a bite taken out of it, was utterly worthless. But *one* person believed it was worth 28k. That *one* opinion was enough to make a worthless half eaten cheaply slapped together sandwich worth more than my car.

One opinion, no matter who's it is, is enough to determine the worth of something, especially if they are willing to back it up with an equal amount of effort.

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This example would make a

This example would make a great point at disproving efficient market theory. It would also make a good example of showing the difference between fundamental and technical evaluation or even tangible and and intangible book value!

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Leave it to religion to bust

Leave it to religion to bust efficient market theory, lol.

So the book value of grilled cheese has now skyrocketed?

Jesus Christ toast, on the other hand, has suffered a devastating blow. Once sold for 15k, now with the advent of the Jesus Toaster, is only worth the price of a piece of bread.

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Well, I find myself

Well, I find myself invaluable because I simply can't live without me! Does that make me arrogant? Lol, I think we all consider ourselves valuable for at least one basic reason :)

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In order to make others

In order to make others valuable we must give significant value to ourselves first. When everyone leave us alone, we can still love ourselves until that love become noticeable to other people who will eventually find our real value.

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As I believe that all things

As I believe that all things are connected to each other, one way or another, I believe that all have value. All have use in this world no matter how small or big cause everything happen or come to live for a reason. :)

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Good point. Even if I have no

Good point. Even if I have no other purpose, I am still housing and transporting matter and electricity that would otherwise be running aimless in the universe.

Thinking about it, that's actually an important job!

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As long as someone value our

As long as someone value our existence and we are doing something beneficial to the community, we are valuable. The world may not even recognize our existence but our existence may be as important as the world to the people who value and need us.

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Really, I believe value is a

Really, I believe value is a matter of opinion based on the circumstances of those who hold the opinion. One man's trash is another man's treasure and all that. So considering yourself valuable in terms of your perceived value by others is a pretty transient assessment. Personally, I don't see much value in those.

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