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Let me reply by saying, people are people...normal is defined by individual points of view...so, in fact, there is no normal. You are looking at people from a religious construct...So, by excluding non-religious points of view, due to cognitive dissonance or whatever, you are biasing the actual normative data you are looking for.

Keeping this in mind, you should make decisions based on things that are real and objectively evidenced...if you don't, your decisions are not based on truths, and subject to being very poor...affecting your and other lives adversely.

Supernatural things do not exist in reality...they do not meet the validated standards that define reality. They never have, and never will. Physics validates this. You should use standards that define reality, to make good choices...as all humans seek truth, to do the same.

If something has no objective evidence of existence in reality, or something has no evidence either way, then, it should be treated that way. If you can not define truth, but are forced to make a decision, then using the highest likeliness defined by the known standards of reality, would always be the best decision.

Good luck with your progress.


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