What does "science" say that the Bible doesn't?

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What does "science" say that the Bible doesn't?

I really want to know what "science" says about everything that the Bible does not. Because honestly the Bible explains everything perfectly.

With that being said why believe in the Big Bang if most people say that it doesnt make sense if you put it in the way scientists explain it?

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Are you abandoning your

Are you abandoning your previous "dare" for "something that science has but the Bible does not". I see you have responded to a great deal of posts but haven't addressed mine on that issue.

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ok then, enlighten me with

ok then, enlighten me with what you have to say

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You said: "i dare you to try

You said: "i dare you to try to find something that "science" has that the Bible does not".

Please use the bible to calculate the solutions to this freshman physics, first day, first problem from Yale's website:

"From the top of a building of height h = 100m I throw a stone up with velocity 10m/s. What is the maximum height it reaches and when is that? How many seconds does it spend on its way down between h = 50m and h = 0m? What is its velocity when h = 50m? If when it is airborne I quickly dig a hole 50 m deep, when and with what speed will it hit the bottom?"

Make sure you cite the bible passages you used, and show your work.

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Job 38:4-30

Job 38:4-30
“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements—surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? On what were its bases sunk, or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy? “Or who shut in the sea with doors when it burst out from the womb,

Isaiah 40:12
Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span, enclosed the dust of the earth in a measure and weighed the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance?

Psalm 104:5
He set the earth on its foundations, so that it should never be moved.

Thats what i would write because it's true

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yeah your response does not

yeah your response does not seem to contain the level of detail that answers science gives to that problem, so I think we have found "something that "science" has that the Bible does not."

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But you didnt, you gave a

But you didnt, you gave a physics problem me as a junior in high school doesnt even know... and by "science" i mean s=things like the big bang, gravity, stars, moon, sun ets not problems a freshman at yale needs help with

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This is the simplest thing I

This is the simplest thing I could come up with: the easiest problem in science I could think of. Science can give a detailed answer to the problem, but the bible can not; so clearly there is "something that science has but the Bible does not"; which is exactly what you asked for. I know I can already hear complaints: that the bible was not intended for this purpose. And I would agree, the bible certainly was never intended for this purpose and so even if every word of the bible is true, it is going to fail at he task I suggested. However, you are the one that suggested the bible could be used in this manner, not me. Clearly it can not.

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Science does not say anything

Science does not say anything though it is often used to create words and sound. Science holds no opinions though observations of it have formed many opinions science is a study the more we build upon this study the more we understand science or at least think we do, but under further study we often find what we once understood to be wrong and make adjustments accordingly. Science simply is the study of things that are and can be substantiated by evidence and holds no actual opinion of God which can not be proven to exist or not to exist. the study of science has lead to many theories and postulates as well as perceived understandings much like theologies have done with the concept of gods.

Many books have been written by man due to these studies of both science and the nature of gods and religious beliefs. Many things in these books are baseless claims or inadequately supported claims and are subject to debate. But many things understood in science are know of as laws or proofs which means they can be experimented on and proven over and over again in controlled experiments. everything else in science is theory and postulates based on these observations and are subject to debate no matter how much supporting evidence and lack of nonsupporting evidence there may be. where as books theories and postulates based on faith, religion and belief in entities like God are not based on evidence as entities such as god can not be proven to exist or not exist. Even if we can disprove the accuracy of all religious text this will not disprove the existence of any God like entity but it will prove that that the text like the Bibles the Qur'an and the many many incarnations and interpretations and translations are inaccurate and not what religions claim them to be.

So to put your question a better way:

What does the study of Science prove that study of religious text does not prove?

The answer is, way to much to put down here.

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That is one way to put my

That is one way to put my question. But i want to know the answer, everyone else is putting scientific terms down, which therefore still doesnt answer my question. Everything that came into this universe, this world, is all in the Bible in Genesis

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The bible proves nothing its

The bible proves nothing its just a bunch of thought and theories made up by people long ago for various reasons but mainly for getting wealth control and power over the people dumb enough to believe it, Science proves everything ever derived from it that can be traced back to the evidence provided by science. So basically Science proves everything the Bible proves nothing.

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Well, you have just about

Well, you have just about every single piece of medical knowledge that we now have access to. According to the Bible the cure for lepracy is cutting up some birds and sprikling the blood all over a leper. We know better now. I use technology everyday in the lab that we would not have if it weren't for science. Spectrophotometry, nephelometry, cellular microscopy, microbiology, biochemistry...the list goes on.

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but the bible was made before

but the bible was made before technology was so that was the cure... now my question to you stands alone from the rest of this debate. my question is, what made you decide to question God in the first place? (no offense)

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As to your first statement, I

As to your first statement, I'm not at all sure what you mean. You wanted something the Bible didn't have that science did. Modern medicine is one of those things. Any medicine really. It is not as if sprinkling blood used to be the cure. It never worked, it was just a story, and we know better now.
To answer your question, when I originally started researching evidence for God, I wasn't questioning his existence or doubting it or anything of that sort. I was actually trying to find all the support and justification I could find so I would be better equipped to witness to atheists or people of different faiths. I thought surely there was evidence to support my belief in God and I wanted to find it. Instead, the more I looked, the more I found that there was no evidence and that there was no justification. In addition to the complete absence or any justification I realized that every argument I had heard (and used) to support his existence was fallacious, and the bible is historically untrustworthy, scientifically inaccurate, and self contradicting. There was no particular moment that I just became an atheist all of a sudden. It was just the case that learning more about the Bible and God removed my faith insteda of cementing it, and I realized one day that I hadn't believed in God for quite some time now. No offense taken by that. It was a good question, and I very much appreciate when someone asks me why I came to my conclusions instead of trying to tell me why I am an atheist.

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i understand where you're

i understand where you're coming from, but see it takes faith to believe in God but it takes more faith to not believe in Him. Trust me I've been down the road you have, but the more i researched the closer i came to be with Him, because its not about trying to prove He isn't real but trying to prove that your faith overpowers everything that life says. When I did doubt His existence I just read the Bible and there was my proof that He exists. Yeah we say "I'll believe it when I see it" But we can't see God, yeah He talks to us in our dreams and in the Bible, but we can't see Him, let-alone hear Him. He lives inside of us, those who believe and those who don't.

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All faith is is believing

All faith is is believing something without any justification for that belief. In any other aspect of life it is obvious that faith is an unreliable way to arrive at accurate conclusions. I see no reason why religion is any difference.
You say the bible is proof of God, but it is proof of nothing. It is inconsistent with history and science, and even with itself from one part to another. Even if it were perfectly consistent, that wouldn't be evidence of it being true. You need actual evidence to lead you to the conclusion that the bible is true, or that God exists.
It takes no faith at all to not believe in God. Disbelief in anything is the only justified position one can have unless that thing is supported by actual evidence. Also, it is impossible for belief and disbelief to both require faith. The evidence has to support one or the other. Since unbelief is a priori, no evidence is even needed to support it, other than the simple fact of not having any evidence of the existence of God. If you have faith in God, you do not have evidence for God, else you would not Ned faith.

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well said

well said

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Actually really well said.

Actually really well said.

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Botany is another science

Botany is another science that the bible struggles with...contrary to what is said in it, mustard seeds are not the smallest seeds and mustard does not grow into a tree....

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The bible lets us know that

The bible lets us know that boiling water may be used as a weapon, science lets us know that boiling water prevents dozens of diseases from infecting you. God would have saved a lot of people by sharing this little bit of knowledge, but of course, "it was just their time to die."

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There are lots of scientific

There are lots of scientific theories that are not included in the bible,mostly are about evolution vs. creation. Science also concluded the actual age of the earth which is so different from what the bible tells us.

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I would have to say that that

I would have to say that that is where you are wrong... The Bible does talk about everything science does but in a different wording. the Bible knows exactly how old the Earth is, and its only different from science because scientists try to come up with the best answer that would make more sense to us

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CoG, are you home-schooled?

CoG, are you home-schooled?

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No im in 11th Grade at a

No im in 11th Grade at a community high school

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Science uses terms we can

Science uses terms we can measure. The bible uses terms of imprecise measurement to inspire awe poetically. Example, sciencific evidence suggest the earth is between 6.3 and 6.5 billion years old. The bible claims that god created earth in seven days. But "to god a day is like a thousand years, and one thousand years are like a day". But besides this tantalizing bit of info, the bible doesn't actually claim how old the earth is, because between the creation and the old testament it fails to specify when we stopped using god days and years and when we started using more specific measurements. So I guess there's two things science has given us. The Age of the earth, and the Julian Calendar. Some other sciences that science has given much more understanding to are modern medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. All of which the bible says absolutely nothing about. Is there really a quesion here?

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But you seem to not know why

But you seem to not know why that is, It says that in the Bible because as time goes by we do not spend the time we have with our loved ones, a day is like a thousand years, meaning that withing a day you can do as much as you want, ie free will... and a thousand years is like a day meaning dont wast time doing some stupid thing cuz those thousand years will come fast

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I'm still waiting for you to

I'm still waiting for you to answer the simplest physics question I could come up with, with the bible...

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Same here Nyarlathotep, when

Same here Nyarlathotep, when I gave him new testament references to slavery he didn't acknowledge that being immoral of his god. Oh well.....

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That makes no sense what so

That makes no sense what so ever. Time is a constant measurement. Your emotional mindset does not influence the literal passing of time. Five minutes happy is the same length as five minutes sad. The only variable is how much you enjoyed those five minutes. Plus, I think I answered your question.

Science has increased drastically our understanding in many fields of study. The bible, being a book more based in philosophy and socio-political writings, hasn't increased our understanding in any other field.

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I'll give you a question that

I'll give you a question that is so incredibly simple, Use ONLY your Bible. NOTHING ELSE. ONLY THE BIBLE.
10 * 10 = ?
And explain your answer, thoroughly.

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You missed the most fun way

You missed the most fun way to destroy him ask him what shape the world is. Lol


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