What evidence will you accept?

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Why should I say what would

Why should I say what would be evidence? I am making no claims.

Present your case and let me decide.

Anything else is just you attempting a reversal of the burden of evidence, it don't work like that. .

Your previous presentations have been debunked. So, what you got? I am betting nothing.

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@ Wriggling for truth

@ Wriggling for truth

Answer if you want then maybe we can meet in the middle otherwise, no use of wasting time.

Nope, I have requested the evidence for your claims. There is no "meeting in the middle". You have made claims for your prophet and his god. Either present evidence or stop making the claims.
You cannot "logic" your god into existence
Your "holy" book is the evidence of the CLAIM, not evidence of your deity.

So, come on, give it your best shot. Either you have formal evidence or you have not.

There is no middle ground unless you like the phrase "allah may or may not exists depending on how I feel in the morning" and "it is entirely moral to have sexual encounters with 6 year olds and full intercourse with 9 year olds, providing I claim to be a prophet"
Or do I just agree "things were different back then?" Is that middle ground? Even though that is untrue?

Where is your "middle ground?" give me an example of the compromise you seek...

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SFT: Asked and answered.

SFT: Asked and answered. I will accept anything that can withstand critical inquiry. Now stop fucking about and lets hear what you got.

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Searching for truth - It has

Searching for truth - It has been presented many times and has been constantly rejected...

Well I remember some of the "evidence" you presented for a deity in the past---and I guess there is no way to put this nicely---it was nonsense.

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"t has been presented many

"t has been presented many times and has been constantly rejected." Obviously what you are presenting is worthless as shit then. Come up with something different. IT IS NOT ANYONE'S JOB TO DO YOUR RESEARCH FOR YOU. Stop using lame arguments that have been debunked for hundreds of years. Stop quoting from your book of lies and inconsistencies. There is not a person on this site that would not bow to logic and evidence. They probably would not worship your god but there is not a person hear that would not admit that you have submitted sufficient evidence for your god should you ever manage to do that.

I suggest you avoid Miracles, Prayer, Prophecy, Inane assertions, and other vague BS with no evidence supporting it at all.

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@oldman and Cog

@oldman and Cog

Until you are able to answer my main question i wont waste anymore of time replying.

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@Searching for truth: Bye!

@Searching for truth: Bye! Like we give a shit! Your questions have all been answered. The fact that you want to cling to your amorphous bullshit is not our problem. Put up or shut up! It's just that simple. You really think anyone around here gives a shit that you run away all butt hurt? Really? When you provide evidence that can stand up to critical inquiry we will all convert to Islam. Now take your petty ideas and put them where they belong. Bye!

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More cowardly evasion, and

More cowardly evasion, and now the dishonesty behind the OP is manifest as well. Not that there was much room for doubt when a theist produces the moronic canard "what evidence will you accept".

Is it ever moral for a man in his 50's to have sex with a nine year old child?

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Searching for truth " i wont

Searching for truth " i wont waste anymore of time replying."

Anyone else seeing the irony?

@ SFT Is it EVER moral for a man in his 50's to have sex with a nine year old child?

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Searching for truth: It has

Searching for truth: It has been presented many times and has been constantly rejected which is why I am asking people what evidence they would be willing to accept or at least consider.

You specifically asked about what evidence would indicate "there is something out there that created this universe" ..."god, watch maker, the uncaused cause or whatever"...

No evidence can demonstrate an uncaused cause: why do you think it could?

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"If there was any real

"If there was any real evidence for your god, don't you think someone would have presented it by now?

SFT It has been presented many times and has been constantly rejected.

This is a lie, no objective evidence has ever been offered on here for any deity. I am calling you on this SFT, provide a link please.

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Searching for Truth: " Let me

Searching for Truth: " Let me asking this question, monkey friend. Do you reject/deny the existence of god or is your official stance “I don’t know if one exists”?

It depends on the god you got. Some gods are completely unknowable and others are objectively impossible. I haven't yet seen a third category.

We keep hoping you are going to give us some real evidence that can stand against critical inquiry. So far you are failing horribly.

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He's not coming back is he?

He's not coming back is he?

Same old same old...

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Yeah, seems all he did was

Yeah, seems all he did was make a post, read our replies, know he got an ass-whooping, then went crying back to mommy about how us atheists beat shit out him. Too bad we can't get that religion beaten out of him.


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Has the mighty sulk left?

Has the mighty sulk left?

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He has no interest in

He has no interest in letting go of his religious comfort blanket. or ironically in objectively seeking the truth, which is of course the very antithesis of faith based belief, but it's odd he comes back when he knows we will just keep pointing out it's nonsense when he tries to pedal his wares on here.

If he wants common ground then it's best he leaves his beliefs out of the conversation, at least on here.

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Actually the wishy washy

Actually the wishy washy panty waste came back and ignored everyone except Logic, Cog, Tin, and Cyber.

Boy I feel privileged.


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It a[[[ears he is never going

It appears he is never going to give an honest answer to my questions, as he knows they destroy his claims that his beliefs provide objective morality.

He is also now lying that evidence for a deity has been provided many times and rejected, and I for one would like to see a link to this evidence.

Hell, I will make it easy, just provide the best piece of evidence SFT, just the most compelling piece of evidence you claims has been presented. I will go you one better, if you think the evidence you falsely claimed had been presented on here is not the best, then provide your very best most compelling piece of objective evidence for any deity?

I anticipate this is another dishonest claim you will run away from.

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@ Searching for truth

@ Searching for truth

Ultimately, you have NO evidence. NONE. Never had. Never shall.

All you have is irrational illogical presupposed assumptive confirmation biased arguments that are so fallacious, we don't even need to debunk them, for you do it for us.


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I note that @SFT has still

I note that @SFT has still not been able to prove that Muhammad definitely never had sexual intercourse with a pig.

I will let others drawn their own conclusions from that.

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@Sapporo Re: "I note that

@Sapporo Re: "I note that @SFT has still not been able to prove that Muhammad definitely never had sexual intercourse with a pig."

Well, maybe Mohammad was just using a strategy from the playbook of Jesus. Perhaps Muhammad was simply trying to exorcise a few "personal demons", and he was using the pig as the "demon receptacle".... *shrugging shoulders*...

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The evidence I would accept

The evidence I would accept is if your Allah decided to finally come out of his 1400-year retirement and speak from the sky in a loud booming voice that everyone of all languages could hear that it's him (and not any of the other millions of deities that humanity has ever imagined) and that he's real.

However, I highly doubt that this will ever happen- it's about as likely as Santa Claus actually letting people see that he is real, or a unicorn allowing itself to be seen.

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@ Searching for truth

@ Searching for truth

Let me explain this as best I can in a way you can understand.

You are asking the WRONG question with, “What evidence will you accept?

What you should be doing is, “Here is the best evidence I have, will you accept it?

Do you not understand the concept of "Burden of Proof?"

If you do not understand, then this may help a little: Burden of Proof

If not what I wrote about this, then perhaps these:

Enough for ya?

These guys wanna play in the realm of science. They wanna claim, "We have evidence for our beliefs!" Ok – what is it?” — Michael Shermer


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What evidence would any

What evidence would any theist accept that showed their beliefs were a delusion?

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1,000,000,000,000 Agrees on

1,000,000,000,000 Agrees on that one.


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Nicholas Sutter once said,

Nicholas Sutter once said, "If you can't imagine a God you'd like to have, then you suffer from a severe lack of imagination." Matt Dillahunty's answer to this question is even worse, he says, "I don't know."

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Kafei - Matt Dillahunty's

Kafei - Matt Dillahunty's answer to this question is even worse

It seems you cited someone's guess as to what Mr. Dillahunty's answer is to a question, as Mr. Dillahunty's answer. It seems you are playing very fast and loose.

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Someone's guess? Are you

Someone's guess? Are you referring to the guy in the middle of the Brady Bunch squares by this "someone"?

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Are you the same Kafei who

Are you the same Kafei who posted here in the past? The guy who told us distilled water contains fluoride?

Kafei's picture
Yes, that's me, but I wouldn

Yes, that's me, but I wouldn't necessarily say that all claims of "distilled water" are necessarily "pure water." I believe there's evidence for this. There's many chemicals out there in your local supermarket that effect the body in a negative way.


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