To what extent should we care?

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To what extent should we care?

"We are not just atheists. We are atheists who care."

This is the first thing I saw when I came to the website.

It is a must to correct the wrong. Correct must be affirmed. If an idea becomes confusing, it must be put to debate, to finally end up with the truth. Finding the truth, in my opinion, will help lessen any potential conflict.

In the end, finding the truth is more important.

I am an atheist. And I am also striving to be reasonable. But up to what extent should we atheists care?

Please enlighten me.

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To the point where YOU feel

To the point where YOU feel comfortable.

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That is a question for the

That is a question for the individual atheist.

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Maybe because they care about

Maybe because they care about humanity and other social issue instead of religious stuffs. Everyone should care about the world that we are living and the people on it. We should care and tell our opinions because its a moral obligation of being a human.

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Haha Incredible, we agree on

Haha Incredible, we agree on something finally.

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Damn'it Mardze .....!!

Damn'it Mardze .....!!

just when I think I've got you pegged come up with something like that ...

You sure you're a theist ?

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care about what? people,

care about what? people, suffering, brainwashing, child abuse, persecution, politics, terrorism???

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I can't speak for other

I can't speak for other atheists here, but as has been said, it's your level of concern and care. Atheists by definition don't have the churches, megachurches, and temples to congregate. And let's face it, most non-atheists don't give a shit if an atheist is discriminated against or is harmed. So for me, the part about caring is just that we understand and care at least a tiny bit about each other.

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Everyone, atheist or not

Everyone, atheist or not should care. I like the intro message in this website.

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Yea the intro is nice, it

Yea the intro is nice, it does make an effect.

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