What happened?

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What happened?

It has been very quiet here lately, almost eerily quiet, I wonder where everybody went. I am starting to think it must have been the picture, it scared everyone away...

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You are pretty dang scarey,

You are pretty dang scarey, Travis.

That some people are quiet is actually quite nice.

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Shoot, that isn't even my

Shoot, that isn't even my scary face, that is me looking positively friendly. I even zoomed out so people couldn't tell how big I am...

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Now and then there are a

Now and then there are a couple of days with very little activity.
I don't think it's because of your picture, perhaps it's the rapture?

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Hmm, did Harold Camping

Hmm, did Harold Camping predict it again? Nobody tells me when important things happen, I could have missed the rapture, and wouldn't even know it.

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I grew weary of the posts by

I grew weary of the posts by the troll otherwise known as "Kenny". I am happy to see he has been quiet lately. Hopefully I haven't invoked his reappearance by speaking his name. I am at this moment knocking on wood.

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I think he is like

Definitely understandable, so did I.
I think he is like Beetlejuice, so don't repeat his name 3 times :D

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