What happens when we die? Thoughts on Spirits/Souls?

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What happens when we die? Thoughts on Spirits/Souls?

So I know many religious people believe we go to either heaven or hell after we die, and others think we're incarnated, etc. but what do other Atheists usually believe? I'm Atheist and I believe that spirits exist in all animals (that includes humans) and I people I know or have heard of have been in contact with spirits and I think there's a few times where I could have been. I don't know where spirits "live" or "dwell" (not sure what word to use) but I am positive they exist. Anyway, whether you're an atheist or not, what do you think happens after you die?

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I think a lot will happen

I think a lot will happen after I die. None of it, however, will include me.

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Absolutely nothing

Absolutely nothing

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So basically you go back to

So basically you go back to how you were before you were alive? I definitely see how that's a possibility. I like how you put it, CyberLN, haha :)

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You do not exist the same way

You do not exist the same way you did not prior to being born. In other words, the same place you were in say in 1780 (year picked at random)

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I don't know that anything

I don't know that anything 'happens'. Rather dying is sort of the process of not-happening. It's the end of happening.

The evidence seems to suggest we remain mostly where we fell, before being eventually disseminated into our environment.

Simplified: what was 'us' will rot.

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When each of us was born we

When each of us was born we beat the odds in the biggest lottery ever. The delusion of religion reduces the value life by teaching a lie of an after life.

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Without the constant input of

Without the constant input of energy from your body to maintain the information that makes you 'you', it will quickly be dispersed to the point where it will no longer be useful.

In short: worm food.

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Hmm, the truth is that we do

Hmm, the truth is that we do not know yet.
If you read anything about conciseness then there is a hypothesis that the experiences you had in this life could be stored as information in the Unified field based on the super-string theory. This is not something that happens when u die though, it happens always. When you die, you simply stop sending information anymore.
So your experiences may be part of something bigger and can influence every single atom in the universe including newborn babies.
This is a concept that can support the idea of astrology where people share similar traits(blueprints) depending on the day they are born.
The pattern of information that the Unified field delivers from the universe is hitting the earth and effects or shapes the individual character when he is born.
This is a hypothesis build on a hypothesis, so it is not reliable, but it does makes sens if some assumptions are taken.

It is a fascinating concept and worth a read if you are interested.


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LOL, John Hagelin? Your new

LOL, John Hagelin? Your new age slip is showing again Jeff!

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We cease to exist.

We cease to exist.

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I don't believe anything

I don't believe anything happens after I die. It may be a little depressing to think that when you die you don't go into some heaven or afterlife but rather become a pile of ashes... But that's why it's so important to do good things in life, leave something behind you that will be remembered. Or if not that, at least make the best out of the time you have and be happy :)

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Welcome, Katya. You're new?

Welcome, Katya. You're new?

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I'm on the translator team,

I'm on the translator team, not really new to the communiy but I haven't really been hanging out in the forums much. Thanks, though :)

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As the brain shuts down,

As the brain shuts down, there is no longer a possibility to experience anything. I don't see why there would be anything beyond that.

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Yes it may all be over but

Yes it may all be over but that's what makes this life special. Whatever it is the only words of compassion I can offer is that every single human that has ever existed has died. It is probably one of the most natural parts of life. Yet the fear of it pushes us to believe in whatever makes feel the best about it. We as free thinkers have simply broken away from the fear of it.

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Dead is dead. Better live

Dead is dead. Better live while you're alive.

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