What happens when you go to Heaven?

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That's an interesting observation about the time it would take to hold a 5 minute conversation with that many people one on one. It's like calculating the rainfall for Noah's flood, about 6 inches per minute all over the Earth to cover Mt. Everest. Maybe that's where the chosen 12,000 from each tribe comes in? Gotta keep things manageable. Besides, there are no gates into the golden cube called New Jerusalem for Gentiles. The name should be a hint.

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In heaven you get to stand in

In heaven you get to stand in a choir and sing "Rock of Ages" for eons. Then for a break you get to go to the potluck buffet. All the green jello with little marshmallows you can eat. Then back in line for "Rock of Ages" again. It's Gods favorite song , you know.

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I am not sure about other

I am not sure about other denominations, but Catholics believe in Purgatory. Purgatory is like an alternate route to heaven in which the person is purified and cleansed of their sin. It is believed to be a burning sensation or some form of dicomfort. Once someone dies they are exisiting outside of time, meaning that to some degree you are frozen in whatever state you died in. If you welcome Jesus and ask for forgiveness, then you might go to purgatory, but if you die and reject Jesus, then you are theorectically sent to hell (absence of God) and cannot be saved. If you die and have accepted God into your heart, then it is believed that you get to be with God and share in everlasting life. The point is that if you love God then you will get to be with God. I think you are looking at this too much from a human perspective of life on earth. The concept of free will exists for us here on earth and it is not really something considered after this life. I hope this was somewhat helpful.


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Why is this any different

Why is this any different than "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" These questions are ONLY relevant if heaven and angels and gods or god exists.


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