"What if your wrong"

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"What if your wrong"

Before I begin the Subject of my post "What if your wrong". I would like to express some "history" of other "ideas" I have previously "posted in this forum. Most of my other "conversations have been ignored or were responded in a way that never understood my humor or satire. Many of the "answers" to my questions about many "issues" I discussed were either stupid or never understood the significance or point I was trying to make. There is only 2 reasons I have been so misunderstood. Either you "really" really really don't like me. Or you are too ignorant to understand my argument. Since I am such an interesting, handsome, intelligent and kind human being it couldn't be you don't like me. I am so "likeable". So therefore it must be the other reason--I was too smart, perceptive or "pithy(heavy) for "you" to comprehend my "discussions'". Since I have been totally ignored before there is no reason for me to believe you will respond to this "post" or to understand what I am talking about.

"What if your Wrong"
My brain is smarter than my ability to articulate my thoughts so probably I won't do justice explaining "What if your Wrong". Richard Dawkins was asked the "Question" "What if your Wrong" about "Jesus" and he responded "What if your wrong about all the other Gods(Zues, Apollo, Allah etc). "What if your Wrong" is a classic answer to the answer "What God" and is repeated on U-Tube and even "South Park. I am as sure that there is no God as I am sure about anything else. I think my wife and Alley(my cat ) loves me. But am I positively sure. I am sure if confronted by a great white shark the shark will likely eat me. But maybe a good bunch in the mouth and I ill knock out the shark. Something's are more likely than others. I am absolutely 100% sure, without any doubt-=-100% there is no imaginary man in heaven. In fact I am more positively, absolutely sure there is no God than anything. But--But-But---I was an am absolutely sure (politically), Fox News, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Bill Oreilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and most republicans are wrong about everything. I am sure, Benny, Hinn, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copland, Joyce Myers, and Ceflo Dollar are mother fucking fuck faces., ----It seems to me Donald Trump is the biggest, egomaniac, fraud, joke, liar, deceiver, manipulator, and false "profit in the Universe. But--But- It seems millions and millions of people think he is the Messiah or should be president. I am as sure there is no Jesus, Allah, or Jehovah as sure that Donald Trump is a moron. Yet if so many people "believe" in Donald Trump --could it be - "What if I your wrong." If I am wrong about Donald Trump could I be wrong about Sarah Palin or Bill Oreilly, or Joel Osteen or Rick Warren. Could I be wrong about GOD. "WHAT IF YOU WRONG".
Of course only an idiot would really believe that I had doubts about Rush Limbaugh or Benny Hinn. My perception of Donald Trump is also as sure as sure can be that he is a "joke" or worse. I am absolutely positively without any doubt sure of "ALL" these things but 'WHAT IF YOUR WRONG". I am absolutely positively without doubt sure I AM NOT WRONG about God. But what "if".

The irony is as sure as I am about God, politics, and prosperity preachers -others are as sure as they can be that what they believe is completely the opposite to where I am coming from. As for Donald Trump ---Many of you probably agree with him. God Bless

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