What is it about God's definition that makes atheists not believe?

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Well, Breezy you blindly

Well, Breezy you blindly supported this guy Ernie Sandal because he was a christian EVEN THOUGH he posed a loaded question. Turns out he was a white supremacist. That should give you pause for thought. Just because someone is a believer shouldn't make them "good" in your eyes. You knew what was wrong with that question. You yourself try that tactic all the time and it is a childish game easily known and pointed out by the atheist members. But you apologize for it saying that we are just avoiding the question. If I asked you if you were a child molester or a child rapist would you answer the question? No, of course, you wouldn't. It is a stupid loaded question that has nothing to do with facts. It is designed for a predetermined outcome. It is a tactic famously used by FOX, christian, and other unscrupulous people. They are all so smug about it. They are playing the "gotcha" game.
If you want to associate and defend NAZI white supremacists just because they are also christian go ahead. It shows your real character when you do.

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I'm not fond of ad hominems,

I stand by what I wrote, why wouldn't I?

No, I'm not a child molester nor a child rapist, but thanks for asking.

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The question is which are you

The question is which are you not if you are neither. You must answer child rapist or child molester. That is the game. If you don't like the game, tough. That is the same shit that you play all the time. You stand by what you wrote apologizing for a white supremacists NAZI. Says a lot about you!

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Most of these associations

Most of these associations and correlations are meaningful only to you, not me.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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Sure you're going to public

Sure you're going to public act as if you don't care saving face and all that. I'm pretty old Breezy. I've been around. I have seen kids like you many many times. You are no different. You talk about objective morality and then pretend you don't have a conscious. You think you're pretty cute and that all your tricks work and that old farts like me are pretty dumb. Well, this old dumb fart sees right through you and so does everyone else. The I don't care game doesn't work. My niece pretended she didn't care if I took the car keys away but she did. She thought that if she pretended she didn't care about her phone I wouldn't take it away. I took it away. That is the game you are playing. All this childish bullshit. You think we haven't seen it all before? You must be crazy!

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That's a 9.5 on the SMUG

That's a 9.5 on the SMUG scale.

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Fair Question. The fact of

Fair Question. The fact of the matter is that everyone describes God differently. My suggestion to you is to try and put together the best description of a god that you can. post it. and then look at the replies. Objections depend on your description. The reason for this is that all descriptions are fabricated by human minds. There are no logical arguments, descriptions, or facts that lead us to any version of God.

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So now the noisy Nazi has

So now the noisy Nazi has gone, obviously the attributes of a deity that stop me believing it is real are all the ones no objective evidence can be demonstrated for.

Which is all of them one assumes, since 4 pages of a thread specifically for theists to offer objective evidence has come up dry?


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