What made god create the universe

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What made god create the universe

We have heard several cosmological arguments for a god-created universe. We've been told that everything that exists has a prior cause. The universe exists. Therefore the universe has a prior cause. That cause must be god.

So before the universe there was god. Unchanging, eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, perfect. Then this unchanging god's motives changed and it created the universe. Why didn't it do that earlier? God is timeless, so there was no "earlier", which means the universe has always existed in one form or another. Nobody created anything. Hence god is redundant. Or god is not timeless and must therefore have itself been brought into existence.

What changed to make god want to create the universe? What could an omniscient god have discovered that suddenly made creation a good idea? What external factors could influence an omnipresent, omnipotent god? Did a perfect god need the universe to make itself more perfect?

Something that is perfect cannot change or cause change, since that would make it no longer perfect. Consciousness and creation are processes of change. Therefore a perfect god is a mindless, inactive nonentity. In other words, it doesn't exist.

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God wanted to raise a batch

God wanted to raise a batch of sinners just so he could have himself tortured to death. The first batch of sinners he hated so he drowned them in a big pond.The second batch turned out just fine. He had himself tortured to death and now we are safe from his wrath......uh, well, I think that is the answer!

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"God wanted to raise a batch

"God wanted to raise a batch of sinners" Can I get an amen

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Due to god's narcissistic

Due to god's narcissistic nature he found it necessary to have subjects to fawn and praise him like Kim Jong-un of North Korea. By the way, can you imagine how hellish heaven would be? How would one not go insane kissing some rulers ass forever? One hundred years would be enough to drive one insane without considering eternity.

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"he found it necessary to

"he found it necessary to have subjects to fawn and praise him like Kim Jong-un of North Korea"

Exactly. God had needs. How can a perfect being have needs? How could god have an itch that needed creation to scratch with? Have none of the apologists addressed this question? I think it's conclusive proof that god doesn't exist.

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In all likelihood, he sneezed

In all likelihood, he sneezed. And we are all awaiting the day of the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief.

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"awaiting the day of the

"awaiting the day of the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief"

And on that day all the snot-born followers of Jesus shall ascend and dwell forever in the sinuses of god, free at last from the irritating pollen of the tree of knowledge.

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