What is the truth ?

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What is the truth ?

Guys i am very confused now :(
I am convinced by all the answers given by you people but i can't still believe that things i've been believing are nonsense . i recently had chat with muslim guys and they told me that atheists and other non muslims are making up stories and interpreting the hadith's in a bad manner just to disgrace islam and its muhammed .and even muhammed had told that atheism will rise and a lot of people are in youtube about destroying " atheist logic ". I dont know what to believe . I know its bullshit to believe in biblical and quranic stories but these guys are scaring me.
There are these videos by Nouman ali khan, Imran Hussein, Imran ibn Mansur etc who says they destroy atheist logic in London Dawah movement and thru videos etc .
I want to change. I want to completely leave islam .
Help me :(

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Abdul, you've done the easy

Abdul, you've done the easy bit, seeing religion for what it really is, but now you have to break away from the conditioning, and thats the hardest part. We've all been through it. When you've been told all your life that you'll burn in hell if you dont do x,y,z, its very hard to shake that off, but just keep telling yourself that its not real. God doesnt exist, hell doesnt exist, religion is false. It does get easier, and the feeling of freedom once you've shaken it off, is exhilirating.
We're not here to "convert" you. Only you can make that choice, and you have to remember, that religion is big business, and these dawahgandists have a vested interest in keeping you "faithful", it keeps the religious money wheel spinning.
And there's no such thing as "atheist logic" just logic, and I've never seen a religious person successfully argue against logic.

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Here is an intelligent

Here is an intelligent article by a muslim who left the faith :http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ali-a-rizvi/why-i-decided-to-call-myself-a...

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