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What We'd Expect

What would we expect a world created and controlled by a god to be like? For this I will define this hypothetical god as such: A being of unlimited power, omniscient and the epitome of righteousness. Also this god wants to be a part of the lives of his creations.

For example: we'd expect to be at the center of the universe.

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I would think that we would

I would think that we would only expect to be at the centre of the universe so long as our understanding of the nature of the universe was poor. As to our world, I would expect that a loving, caring god would see to it that his people didn't suffer disease, wars, murder, competing religions, starvation, injustice, intolerance, animals dangerous to humans, poisonous snakes and spiders...you name it.

If that god is all-powerful, I can't see any reason why he would make our world less than perfect for human beings to live on.

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I would expect miscarriage to

I would expect miscarriage to never happen.

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If there were a god, I would

If there were a god, I would expect that it would be just like Trump. When you have complete and absolute power you don't have any gauge for responsibility, everything is for your entertainment. You satisfy your most base of desires. You have no moral compass.
Which is why it is odd for christians to believe that all morality comes from such a creature. The sense of right and wrong comes from interaction, which proves that it only comes from society.

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Hmm...I don't hear the clump

Hmm...I don't hear the clump of theist boots heading this way. I wonder why not?

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