What will the affect be on religion if we build a base on mars

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What will the affect be on religion if we build a base on mars

Hail Caesar. so I recently watched mars on national geograpgic channel and I have been wondering in all my wisdom about what will the Christians do when we become a multiplanetary species.Now Jesus will need to come back to more than just the earth. In case Someone is confused with Mars I was revering to the planet not the Deity.

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If they send a preacher to

If they send a preacher to Mars will he still point up when referring to heaven and down when threatening sinners with hell?

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I have little doubt that the

I have little doubt that the weirdos that want to live on a red wasteland will not be very religious. by hey when god decides to destroy the earth the Marsians will be very lucky.

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A Martian colony probably won

A Martian colony probably won't last long. A Muslim extremist will blow up the dome, killing the entire colony for the glory of Allah.

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Religion will do what it

Religion will do what it always does: move the goalpost.

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Right. Even if a different

Right. Even if a different god came to the Earth tomorrow, preformed crazy miracles for everyone to see and told the inhabitants of Earth that their religions were wrong; the apologists would just say it was the devil. Religion is un-falsifiable.

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