What will you do once the Pope visited your place?

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What will you do once the Pope visited your place?

The Pope goes from one place to another. Religious people consider this as a sacred occasion and they will prepare for it both in physical and spiritual levels. They will ensure that the Pope will be comfortable on his visit. If the Pope will go to your country, what will you do? Are you going to participate with your countrymen who are busy with the preparation?

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oops, sorry I doubled the

oops, sorry I doubled the post

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The pope has come to Malta

The pope has come to Malta several times. We are one of the most Catholic Christian nations left.
What I do is I sit on my PC and do what I always do.

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I would probably wait hour

I would probably wait hour after hour in a crowd full of people just so when he got close enough to hear me I could shout him a well earned Fuck you! Mainly because of the crap I have seen coming out of the catholic church over the last few months. At first, I was hoping he would be a good change with some of the initial changes he was making for the church, but I don't like him and he earned this impression in record time.

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Actually on second thought, I

Actually on second thought, I would probably pass him a note inviting him be interviewed on a televised broadcast and asking him to get in touch with me. Might even buy a few pallets of religious paraphernalia to sell at the event as it might help sell my interview. I would love to debate that guy live on the air.

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cardinals and popes never

cardinals and popes never enter debates, they know that they are driving a con on the naive believers.

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The short answer is nothing.

The short answer is nothing. I would not celebrate that controlling self righteous prick, even if my life depended on it.

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It's not an extra-ordinary

It's not an extra-ordinary day though...

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