What Would Your God Do Without You?

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What Would Your God Do Without You?

Christians, Krishna devotees, Muslims! What would your god do without you? Fade into non-existence?

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Though Rukmini and Satyabhama enjoy worship as the consorts of the married king Krishna, the others do not enjoy this honour. A young cowherd Krishna is worshipped with his lover Radha. Kalindi, the goddess of river Yamuna, is worshipped independently. Besides the Ashtabharya, Krishna had 16,000 or 16,100 junior wives.

it looks like Krishna have pretty much work to do in his free time. I think Krishna is a kind of ancient playboy :)

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For starters, those gods

For starters, those gods would be doing their own cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping, that's for damn sure. And it is very likely they would end up having regular meetings in the "Gods Staff Room" to console each other and bitch and moan about the loss of their flocks of faithful followers. Other than that, they would probably just sit around in their underwear in front of the TV all day watching Oprah, or soap operas, or maybe Dr. Phil while drinking a bunch of beer and farting and belching and scratching their balls.

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@ TM

@ TM

Aphrodite and Athena scratching their balls? Umm nope....but Hera? wow wouldn't surprise me .

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@Old Man

@Old Man

Whoops. I was talking about only the male gods. We all know the female gods always had more sense and self-respect. Although, I imagine they will end up catching up on quite a bit of shopping at the malls.

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Sexist! ;) I resist the urge

Sexist! ;) I resist the urge to scratch my balls every once in a while...
...oh, nope, guess not.

I like the idea of "retired" gods as how it is depicted in American Gods tv series on Starz. Good concept as any for these fictional guys. I keep hoping bible thumpers would make the mistake of watching that series.

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Funny you should mention that series. I was just thinking about the book "American Gods". Have you read it? I've seen only the first episode of the series. Fun story to read.

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I have not read the book, I

I have not read the book, I am sure it is better and more in depth the then tv series, I need to add it to my reading list.

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I recall reading of a Maori

I recall reading of a Maori legend I think it was, it could have been Greek, both have warlike histories and myth. (sorry but this is how old men talk.)
Anyway, two gods were talking about the affairs of the mortals which were coming to a climax and pleas were coming from the mortals for the gods to favour them against their adversaries. The two gods were stumped; they could not decide who to help. After a long discussion balancing pros and cons, one god says to the other, "Well we have to do something, we must act, otherwise mortals will stop believing in us and we will cease to exist."
That pretty much describes the passing of every dead religion in history. When people stop believing, gods cease to exist. Not many of them left now....One day maybe.....

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"What would your god do

"What would your god do without you?"

nothing...god won't do anything to me cause i'll be like him (god)


we have the same power, being invisible forever..

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Exactly Chimp, they would not

Exactly Chimp, they would not exist!
More importantly, what would the money makers/collectors do if people left their god?

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