What is your opinion on what is real and unreal?

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What is your opinion on what is real and unreal?

Self coming to discover on this forum (and in self personal life) that many disagreements between people arise not from what they believe to be right and wrong, but what they believe to be reality and what is not reality. Feel free to debate your views on this, but self just like to know what everyone is thinking.

For self, self views what is called world.universe.planet as illusion. Self think there is too much tragedy and hatred and sorrow that is experienced for self to believe this is a legitimate way to experience existence. Self think atoms and molecules are simple words. Self thinks the physical is a false manifestation of something immaterial. Self has no name for this. Many in the ancient time called it spirit. But words are constructs and cannot name a name.

Self calls self Peace from here on out. Peace believes strongly in not using force to get what Peace wants.



Peace wishes well wishes to all

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Reality is the logically

Reality is the logically reasoned state of things as they exist in actuality, rather than as they may appear or be imagined. Unreality is something that lacks substance or validity. The supernatural is unreal because it has to exist in a place that can't exist in reality. Everything that exists outside the natural world is unreal.

Reality can be harsh. People have an ability to treat each other very well or very badly. It exists. You can make up any imaginary idea to deny it but the reality is that the pain, misery and suffering are part of the human condition and are often caused by disagreements between people of different religions.

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Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen

Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen gave an interesting definition of reality in their famous paper:

"If, without in any way disturbing a system, we can predict with certainty {i.e., with probability equal to unity) the value of a physical quantity, then there exists an element of physical reality corresponding to this physical quantity."

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Nyarlathotep, how is unity

Nyarlathotep, how is unity being used in this quote??

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Nyarlathotep, I am also

Nyarlathotep, I am also struggling with the word probability. I was taught that probability isn't real. it's just a number we use for something we know no idea about. How is that tied to reality?

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unity or unitarity is a

unity or unitarity is a constraint that demands the sum of the probability of each outcome of an event is = 1 (or 100%).

Say you roll a fair die (dice), the probability of each outcome is:
1) 1/6
2) 1/6
3) 1/6
4) 1/6
5) 1/6
6) 1/6

The sum of those is 1,

Now lets say you have an unfair die (weighted die) perhaps its probabilities are as follows:

1) 1/12
2) 1/12
3) 1/12
4) 1/12
5) 1/12
6) 7/12

Notice the sum of the probability of each outcome is still 1. After all, you must get exactly one result (there is a 100% chance you will get exactly one result).


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Nyarlathotep, I read the

Nyarlathotep, I read the article just now. It started the idea applies to quantum mechanics (I assume so the math works out). No mention of die rolls..........

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Vincent paul tran - "I assume

Vincent paul tran - "I assume so the math works out"

You assume the math works out? The idea is so trivial, it often goes unstated. It is so old no one knows who came up with it first, and it doesn't matter as anyone who thinks on the matter for more than a few minutes will discover it independently.
Vincent paul tran - "No mention of die rolls.........."

I used dice as an example because they are simple and most people are familiar with them. Would you have preferred an example where we had to sum the area under the curve of a continuous distribution?

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Nyarlathotep... actually yes.

Nyarlathotep... actually yes............... I haven't found a good way to do that yet, despite going through calculus III

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uhh that is a cal 1 topic

uhh then you shouldn't be having any problems.

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"What is your opinion on what

"What is your opinion on what is real and unreal?"

Everything you experience is real.

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It's kind of a good

It's kind of a good philosophical question, I suppose.

If someone punches you in the face it's definately real unless you just dreamt it, in which case it's not. Hallucinations aren't real, are they, just drug-induced fantasies. Are they real because you experienced them? They were real to you at the time but now they aren't.

Everyone fantasises, especially but not exclusively about sex. Many people have rape fantasies and get off on them, but wouldn't rape or be raped in real life. They're not real, are they?

Is quantum physics real? Nothing is anywhere, particles are probabilities and things can be where they can't. Particles can be in different states at the same time, and light can be waves and particles. It works very well, though.

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