What is your personal opinion of Bill Nye??

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What is your personal opinion of Bill Nye??

I loved him as a kid. But looking back, I'm just severely disapointed in a man who could have been an intellectual GIANT if the situation was different. Now he just seems confused all the time and susceptible to extremely flawed logic

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can you give an example? I'm

can you give an example? I'm only vaguely familiar with him. I know he had a science show for kids, and I know he debated some creationist-tard(s).

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his logic on recursing the

his logic on recursing the origin of a individual life is skittish. Do you want me to pull up some specific quotes?

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Yeah, got a link or something

Yeah, got a link or something?

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He is an engineer, and has a

He is an engineer, and has a pretty good grasp of physics and things like that because of it, but he freely admits that he is NOT an expert in genetics or biology. While I think he generally does have a better grasp of such fields as the typical laymen, it is not his area of expertise, so he sometimes makes mistakes when discussing it. I think is fame is a good thing, though, and that he is an example to children that science isn't "lame", and that you can be a scientist and be "cool". We are at a time when youth are losing interest in STEM fields, so perhaps a program to reinvigorate youth interest in such fields would be of great benefit to us, so I am actually all for another series of "The science guy" or any other children's show that might encourage them to take interest in science or physics.

If people want to call him the "rockstar" of science, I am happy with that, if it helps even a few young people to take interest in science'ing this bitch up!

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Bill Nye is pretty lame :P ,

Bill Nye is pretty lame :P , in the best way possible

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I think showbiz wrecks

I think showbiz wrecks anybody. Look at Paul Hogan. He used to be a bridge builder, now he's just a funny man. He makes a lot more money just for being funny but that's a flaw of our economy, not Paul, and part or maybe the sole reason it wrecks people. Paul has a brilliant mind and it goes to waste entertaining people. I think Bill was a lot like that back in his day, a brilliant mind just entertaining kids, and now he wants to be more. Is it too late?

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I was an adult when his show

I like him. I was an adult when his show was on, but I still watched it. Some guys in a band I knew played his theme song on his show and they turned me onto it.

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I enjoy watching his stuff a

I enjoy watching his stuff a great deal. It's informative and entertaining. Both those things have value to me. I'd probably think highly of Bill Nye if the only thing he ever did was to say, "Mr. Hamm, there are trees older than you think the earth is!"

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that is indeed quite witty.

that is indeed quite witty. I believe his ham debate was flawless. I just have some issues with stuff I've heard him say in passing

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If we're going to talk about

If we're going to talk about science and nature nerds I prefer Sir. David Attenborough and Prof. Brian Cox, but I enjoyed Bill Nye's destruction of Ken Ham. The man has an uncanny patience. I would have strangled Ham about ten minutes in. As for the propagation of atheism, I like Nye's polite approach. As much as I respect people like Christopher Hitchens who are extremely articulate and right about what they say, they tend to go about it with a sort of intense, disdainful brutality. I understand why they go about it so, but I just don't think it always works. People end up focusing more on the ferocity of the delivery than on the content itself.

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I think for the movement to

I think for the movement to be effective, both approaches are necessary.

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I never understood why people

I never understood why people were offended by Christopher Hitchens. He has an honest track record and only expresses his valid world view (his dissection of his time in North Korea was just depressing - he was treated like a celebrity and given a king's feast in that country - exactly one tiny bowl of rice a day)

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Speaking of Mr. Attenborough,

Speaking of Mr. Attenborough, I found a trippy youtube video in relation to him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8WHKRzkCOY

The video is literally in 3D!!!!!!!

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