What's wrong with society?

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What's wrong with society?

We're the people that read the Newspaper and are never in it, we live in the gaps between the big stories, we're the people that live the daily routine of Coffee, Public Transport, Work and Dinner.
We live in the fear of being afraid to be mad, afraid to be called mad. Are you mad enough? mad enough to wear old fashioned clothes, mad enough not to update your social media accounts, mad enough to miss the next big event on TV?
We live drugged, by the lies we tell ourselves, we spend our time looking for something that doesn't exist, do you think all you need is a House, a Job, a Wife, two Children and a vacation?
Is it just me or is this idea of being born caged inside public sense too scary? Is this sanity? Since when did we become machines with our purpose predecided?
Isn't it simply insane that we've spent hundreds of years fighting Monarchy, Dictatorship and Theocracy... Hundreds of years fighting for our Freedom; to end up jailed by the very cage we created?
What is the true definition of insanity? is it doing what's abnormal? People correct if my logic is wrong here, but have we created a world so fucked up that the only way to feel Free is to be absolutely insane?



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Fly your freak flag , Brother

Fly your freak flag , Brother!

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Ah, you have come to grips

Ah, you have come to grips with what all of us "old dudes" have dealt with for years. There is a very famous BBC TV show that deals with the issue.

'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'


The key is not get caught up in things. You have to find your own purpose in life. Life is fulfilled with what YOU make of it. Yeah, most people aren't interested with making a mark in the world, and yeah they just want to lead a "normal" uninteresting life. Sure they are happy just getting by and entertained by the most mundane things, but hey it makes them happy....enough.

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We are a bunch of apes with

We are a bunch of apes with superiority complex, who are struggling to cope with our own self image and our existence among all other apes, in a too rapidly growing population.
You could very well argue that we humans are doing pretty good.

What we need is to start dealing with our urges to relinquish control to some fantasy entity, our urges to dominate others and our tendencies for denial, dissociation, confabulation, compartmentalization, etc.
We need to stop living in a fantasy version of reality and instead grow up and accept reality for what it is.

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To Prag.

To Prag.
Yes, you are correct. The OP is dealing with growing awareness and coming to grips with reality, begrudgingly. Everyone experiences what he is talking about, but seldom do we air it out publicly. We usually just deal with it and move on.

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"What we need is to start dealing with our urges to relinquish control to some fantasy entity"

Unfortunately those urges run pretty deep and take various forms. In addition to those who surrender their sense of reality to sky-fairies, there are also plenty of people who cede control of their lives to Big Government, in the belief that the government has a limitless supply of financial and human resources to protect them from real life. It's the same "X will provide" attitude, where X can be god or government.

And then there's AI. Stephen Hawking has expressed concern about this danger. It's also been examined in interesting ways in the TV series "Person of Interest" and the "Terminator" movies. Is there are a danger that the AI arms race will lead to the creation of artificial gods, who will then decide that humanity is too dumb to live?

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that`s where faith comes in

that`s where faith comes in without faith where just stuck with this existence but with a belief in the christian GOD Jesus Christ we know there is more to life then just the mere routines of daily life.I have something to hope for my friend dust off your bible and read the old and new testaments they will encourage you towards a more fulfilling life, life is in a person not family or work or things after a while they become void,The gospel of john is a wonderful place to start.

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@skepticalchristian: Stop

@skepticalchristian: Stop being such a trolling ,holier than thou, sheepish nitwit. No one here wants to be like you.

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i was just sympathizing with

i was just sympathizing with the post i to experienced that down and hopeless feeling with the complexities of this life but i have what i think is a way to deal with it, and that`s a belief in a creator GOD. I`m sorry chimp if i offended you by my speaking about the advantages of be a christian.But you know chimp that you don`t sound that happy a person yourself.

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You sound like a robotic

You sound like a robotic automaton. Like the Borg collective on Star Trek!

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I can see what you are saying

I can see what you are saying. Social constructs have and will have determined such "purpose" as if it were "fate". You do not have to follow the rest of society, though. In my opinion, freedom is an illusion, but that's besides the point. Society always has these ideas about what is supposed to make us feel satisfied and free. They will change, they will meld into something else, but they may always be here. The only setback to not following along with these social constructs is you may be judged, but hey, we get judged all the time. Let's all be ourselves and choose whether or not to follow these constructs.

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