Where does this fit in?

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Where does this fit in?

I don't consider myself an atheist, nor an agnostic. My position is simple; neither "god exists" or "god does not exist" is falsifiable. Saying "I don't know" admits that one of these positions might be true. Saying the questions are meaningless for any definition of "god" is a bit closer.

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Maybe an apetheist (you don't

Maybe an apetheist (you don't care either way).

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Maybe a humanist who is more

Maybe a humanist who is more concerned with the human's stuffs, needs and behavior than the fact about existence or non existence of god. You can also be considered as agnostic too.

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you are an agnostic cause you

you are an agnostic cause you admit to not knowing if god exists or not, and a humanist because that does not control your behavior

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This. A strange mix of the

This. A strange mix of the two, I would still class you as being an agnosticist though.

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That would make him

That would make him Agnohumanist! It's a new term and quite rare, lol! If you think you're not just agnostic or atheist, then you might be an Agnohumanist.

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Well I must admit I feel the

Well I must admit I feel the same way you do, but I feel as far a labels go which I am uncomfortable with, I say this makes me agnostic in away because I don't care either way if god exist or not, but atheist because I don't believe in a theistic version of a god but honestly I dont' know if one exist and if one were to exist I doubt and group of theist have what they think their god to be properly understood.

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Simply put you knowledge is

Simply put you knowledge is "agnostic", it seems you do not believe in a god or gods, which makes you an atheist. Unless you feel that there is a god or gods (theist) and you simply admit that this cannot be known.

The first account makes you specifically an agnostic atheist, and the second bit there would define you as an agnostic theist or and agnostic deist.

Your considerations aside these are the defining terms...

Do you believe in or accept the existence of gods? If yes = Theist; if no = atheist
Do you know or feel it can be known whether or not gods exist? If yes = gnostic; if no = agnostic

// deism is a specific theistic stance (sort of theism light)

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Thanks for the etymology

Thanks for the etymology lesson, it really clears things up!

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I also think that you can

I also think that you can still be considered as agnostic. It is since it could mean that the existence or non existence of God is unknown to you as you does not care to know.

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I think a lot of agnostics

I think a lot of agnostics fall in that camp. Myself, for one :)

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It's better to be agnostic

It's better to be agnostic than to be a hypocrite religious person.

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