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Whiskey -Tango -Foxtrot ......

I have to admit ,I'm having difficulty in finding words for this …..

"A Christian couple have appealed for help resurrecting their two-year-old daughter through “bold, unified prayers”.


This is the bit I'm having trouble with....

"In the hours following the announcement, the Heiligenthal’s church started a GoFundMe page, with the purported aim of “blessing, honoring and supporting the family in the coming days.”

"GoFundMe states on its website that the “beneficiary” of any fundraiser will receive the donation directly.
On the Heiligenthal Family’s fundraiser, this person is named as Joel Taylor - Bethel Church’s Worship Leader."

Is it just me …… or is this one of the crassest pieces of opportunism ever perpetrated.....

edited to add...…

Just found the words...….

"the Calvera Principle, first expressed by Eli Wallach in "The Magnificent Seven. …..
"If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep. "

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I love the Calvera Principle

I love the Calvera Principle but why does it seem everything religious comes back to sheep? And at least one wolf?

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That;s sick. Using a little

That;s sick. Using a little kid like that to make money. It really pisses me off. When I died and started a go fund me page to resurrect myself, the only thing I got was a used toe tag with a name blacked out and a note saying I could use the other side. It's insane that someone would think of using a little kid this way. I'll bet they are making a ton of money.

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