Who Authored the Quran?

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Who Authored the Quran?

Who Authored the Quran?

The Quran is a man-made book written by people in the 7th century, who copied from previously written Christian, Jewish, Pagan and Zoroastrian scriptures.

During my investigative phase I found that a lot of people were involved in the compilation and the construction of the Quran. Unknown to the vast majority of Muslims, and buried deep inside the Quran, Ahadith and Sirah there are copious evidence to reject, out of hand, the contention that the Quran is the creation of Allah.

Making Allah the author of the Quran, I think, is the prime lie perpetrated on mankind for more than a millennium. We can, with certainty, say that it was not even Muhammad alone who authored the Quran. In fact, the major part of the Quran was actually either composed by or inspired and written by a few other individuals. Most notable among them were:

Imrul Qays—an ancient poet of Arabia who died a few decades before Muhammad’s birth
Zayd b. Amr b. Naufal—an ‘apostate’ of his time who preached and propagated Hanifism
Labid—another poet
Hasan b. Thabit—the official poet of Muhammad
Salman, the Persian—Muhammad’s confidante’ and an advisor
Bahira—a Nestoraian Christian monk of the Syrian church
Jabr—a Christian neighbour of Muhammad
Ibn Qumta—a Christian slave
Khadijah—Muhammad’s first wife
Waraqa—Khadijah’s cousin brother
Ubay b. Ka’b—Muhammad’s secretary and a Quran scribe
Muhammad himself

There were other parties involved too. They were:

The Sabeans
Aisha—Muhammad’s child bride
Abdallah b. Salam b. al-Harith—a Jewish convert to Islam
Mukhyariq—a Rabbi and another Jewish convert to Islam


The Holy Quran is not authored by almighty Allah. Allah, if He ever existed, must be busy with many other important matters. He has no time to write an incoherent, ambiguous, repetitive, erroneous scripture to guide mankind. A few ambitious and opportunistic persons, in the name of Allah gathered together under the tutelage of Muhammad to construct the Quran by adapting, amending and outright plagiarizing other scriptures and heresy of the time. This they did to advance and perpetuate their political ambition to dominate the then Arabian peninsula, and later, many other peaceful countries.

The Quran is the handiwork of a few cunning persons—an attempt to fool the gullible world—a deliberate effort to impose Arab superiority. All Muslims must learn the Arabic language to be able to recite the Quran and to offer prayers, adopt Arabic name and conform to Islamic (read Bedouin Arab) culture. This is naked Arab imperialism in the guise of propagating the message of the ‘Holy Quran’. Any Islamic Paradise will confirm to what I have written just now. When the undeniable truth about the authorship of the Quran and its hidden scheme is clearly understood, this Arab imperialism by the stealth stands out to be the main agenda of the Quran.

• Muslims: you wasted your entire life obsessing about a book that was written by humans beings in the 7th century.


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I agree about the

I agree about the repetitiveness of the few parts i've read.

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Just another religious holy

Just another religious holy book written to control people.

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@Hitchslap ….

@Hitchslap ….

I too have questions along the same lines..... I dumped my thoughts onto the forum back in August..... in this thread..... take a look....


as to the "Arab" bias you mention..... I've had similar ideas...… its the word "mawali"..... intended for use when referring to non Arab muslims….. now why would such a word be needed..... ? could it be that at one time there were distinct classes of muslims…. a sort of 2nd rate muslim…. just some thoughts.

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Piggybacking off of what

Piggybacking off of what Xenoverse said:

Honestly, the next big holy book in the future could be called "The Comic" in which we read about the conflicts of the god "AllFather" and the hellish "Darkseid" THEN the people might say wow this is too intense mannnn and proceed to dumb it down and release "The New Comic" in which we follow our Lord and savior "Kal-El"

The point being that these books are just a cover song inspired by one another in an ever going cycle of copy and paste. All you need are some good and bad characters, a bunch of desperate people to subject, some kool-aid and you've got a religion.

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Claim that you are hearing

Claim that you are hearing word and direction from an invisible ghost fairy and they will rightly send you off to the insane ward. Get 19 other people to agree with you about the sky fairy and you get a tax break and support and protection by law.

All about the numbers!



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Bonus question:

Bonus question:

Who revised the Koran into numbered chapters and verses like the Bible and when did he do it?

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@ Hitchslap

@ Hitchslap

Posted exactly what I have been saying. Even the Bible is plagiarized from myths and legends, some thousands of years older than the Bible.


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