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Who I am

This is not a post.
I simply want it to be known that I am a 43 year old Atheist, who was born and reared a Christian; whose father was a minister for the World Wide Church of God cult (Armstrong the child-molester presiding); and that I broke away from that and studied the (un)Holy Bible on my own for the first half of my life.

Them's just the basics, so you know.

Because I receive posts from people who haven't even seen my basic profile page; I thought it necessary therefore to make a post of it.
Or, you can just give brief visit to my profile page.

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Thanks for the profile. Don't

Thanks for the profile. Don't know what I'll do with it but there it is. You didn't mention how you like your coffee. That'll clinch what kind of atheist you are. Otherwise, I got the atheist part of your identity ferreted out when I arrived here.

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What a curious statemeant

What a curious statemeant {sic(?)}
...I don't know.

What a-ferreting HAST thou then to points'n'such, good man?
-for otherwise pass THEE the brew about the fire--; yea, aclocked tho' counterwise sees to it.

"(...yea such and what and other fluff to fill this sentence out.)"
--Sorry, verbal filler'n'all, ya know.

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World Wide Church of God,

World Wide Church of God, that is like Jehovah's Witness light.

or is Jehovah's Witness World Wide Church of God light?

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The World Wide Church of God

The World Wide Church of God cult had bases in Pasadena, California (where I was born and reared; my father being a teacher there of Greek New Testament Studies, also acting as general preacher there, filling in for Ted {the Son} or Herbert W. {the Father} if they were not feeling well; otherwise known as....they being off in the Caribbean somewhere having their cocks sucked-off by under-aged destitute prostitutes); and also somewhere in England that my mother was privy to, and somewhere in Australia, to which my father was privy, himself an Aussie.

The two of them, my parents, met in Pasadena, California (respectively father and mother: a biology majored Aussie, and a bright-eyed girly from Arkansas {President Clinton was present in some of her classes back in the days of Little Rock, for a boot; and what hoodie-ha!}.

And so....for some "Godly" reason {namely, to keep the command 'to be fruitful and over-populate the earth'}, they decided to fuck two innocent boys out of their horrible lives into unisons, --yea, into part'n'parcels 'o themselves --, into this ridiculous world that even they could not at all comprehend.
And me and my brother to the day, to this very minute, shall never forgive them the thoughtless transgression of their breed that so thoughtlessly brought us here--to this place where the only way out is the hard way out! The Hemingway Solution comes oft to mind...

[If Dostoevsky knew my parents, he might have said of them: "Fuck them in the neck!"]

Herbert. W. Armstrong--The leader and so-called prophet of the so-called Church was found out to have been molesting his 11-year-old niece; at which time period I was 5 or 6 years old [so, about the years 1977-78].
And this "breach of trust" {the leader of the church of God molesting his niece for years!} broke the churchy cult into factions: 1) those now hard against it for being so betrayed, and 2) those still softly, so stupidly, for, yet ripe, eternally ripe, for every betrayal, so faithfully they...
(The now 40-year-old children of which cultic debauch me and my brother still have several ties with-to: the common denominator between us all being the ever equable "fucked in the head" scenario).

Nyarlathotep: if interested, Google "Herbert. W. Armstrong"--and take the insanity as long as you can before you get it. Which won't be very long, for you apprehend the differentials of nature. I know you do.

I either just ran out of words, or else I just wearied of the topic. {Most likely some unconscious shit I don't wanna deal with right now}.

But Google the Fucker and learn about his version of apocalypse and other bullshit.

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Unfortunately I am familiar

Unfortunately I am familiar with Armstrong, and for what it is worth: I don't think the World Wide Church of God is any crazier than your local Baptist church. The both believe in god.

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