Who REALLY has the "Revelation"?

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Who REALLY has the "Revelation"?

Everytime I encounter a theist of any kind I ultimately encounter two very distinct things.First an illogical explanation of why their belief system is the truth, and second...EXCUSES...EXCUSES....EXCUSES!
I don't know how many times I have heard, read, or watched some nutter claim that theirs is the "way" the "truth"!
I have often asked how they came upon this "truth".
They all say the same thing...."Revelation!"

the act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure.
something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized.

The truth is that ALL people that belief in a myth, god, gods, religion, are all indoctrinated (brainwashed) into that belief. There is never in "revelation" at all.
The fact is that most if not all atheist are the ones that have a revelation or epiphany.

noun, plural epiphanies.
(initial capital letter) a Christian festival, observed on January 6, commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi; Twelfth-day.
an appearance or manifestation, especially of a deity.
a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.
a literary work or section of a work presenting, usually symbolically, such a moment of revelation and insight.

Atheist come to a realization that all the brainwashing, all the indoctrination, all the peer pressure, all the acculturation by religion is just, well, bullshit. Once a person learns that religion has hijacked patriotism, morality, and has replaced science and history with pseudo-science, and revisionist history, they decide to be an atheist. Or more to the point, decide to become the person that nature intended them to be.

Point out any flaw in logic, historical fact, or science of a theist and you get EXCUSES...EXCUSES...EXCUSES...! We call it spin or apologetics.
Theist will attribute anything good or great to their religion or belief, and dismiss ANYTHING that shows the wrongs that result from that religion. There is one person on this forum that claims that science was born out of their religion, ignoring the fact that individuals collectively over time created science, and that their religion had nothing whatsoever to do with it. i.e. A person may have been hindu that discovered something scientific but it wasn't the fact that they were hindu that led to that discovery. Charles Darwin was a devout christian, but he still discovered Evolution.
People always say that Stalin and Mao murdered millions of people and blame it it on atheism, BUT, Stalin and Mao didn't kill people because those people were not atheist, they killed them because of paranoia political reasons. Most of the people they killed believed the same things that Stalin and Mao believed. The "purge" by Stalin was the elimination of communist factions and leaders that threaten Stalin's power. The same with Mao. They basically destroyed or murdered the intellects within their own organization. Generals, Doctors, Academics, and those type people. It had nothing to do with faith at all.

Now back to the real revelations and who actually has them. I have mentioned this before. My neighbor actually asked me if I was an atheist because I was molested as a child. Theist just can't grasp that someone, anyone actually chose to be an atheist, because they came to that conclusion on their own without coercion or force.
For myself, I have always had doubts about god or gods. there where to many unanswered questions relating to faith. I sought the answers from real experts...PRIEST, THEOLOGIANS. They always had the same EXCUSE..."you must have faith my son." They couldn't answer one simple question..."where did god come from?" That is just one of the many question that I asked that perplexed them.

I always get an argument from theist that something can't come from nothing. I point out that Stephen Hawking has proven that something CAN come from nothing, but even if he hadn't and something couldn't come from nothing, then how did their god come about?

Theist always point out how good religion is and hijack what is a societal norm attributing it to their religion/belief. As a result, we have institutional slavery, caste, prejudice, exploitation, sexism, homophobia, war, stagnation in medical advancement, genocide septerian war, civil war, brainwashing, all sorts of human rights violations etc and so on.

It's time that theist have an actual revelation and realize that religion or belief in a god, or gods, is a belief in a myth.
I don't have to prove a god doesn't exist. I didn't make up the myth in the first place. The onus is on them. They will never prove their myth. Instead they will just come up with EXCUSES!

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AMEN! .......lol. But jokes

AMEN! .......lol. But jokes aside this is all very true. I tip my hat to you, sir, for coming up with a great forum post (though you could probably care less if I do or don't.)

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Thanks and I do care.

Thanks and I do care.

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Okay a side note true story.

Okay a side note true story. Last Wed. my father died. He had been very ill for over ten years. Theist would always ask about him, and I would tell them. They would then always say "I'll pray for him." As if that would do any good. Now that he is past when I meet those same theist they always say, "sorry for your loss", AND, "I'll pray for him."
I mean what the hell? What good did prayer do in the first place? Nothing, that's what. Fucking idiots! They think that they are being nice, but they are just a bunch of condescending assholes. What they should have done, if they really cared, is spent money on Alzheimer's research. Maybe then someone would have found a cure.
I get so angry when someone say's they will say a prayer for someone. Or there is a big tragedy and people hold a candle light prayer vigil. What a bunch of nonsense and stupidity.
A child goes missing. The Amber Alert is sounded. Then all of a sudden a prayer vigil is held around of all things a public school's flag pole(unconstitutional at the very least). Hundreds join the vigil. Hell those people would serve the child better if they put that man power to use and look for the child.

Please watch this Youtube video of Father Ted which illustrates how useless prayer is.
'Father Ted' "Speed"


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I would watch the video, but

I would watch the video, but as of this moment I can barely get this site to pull up. As for what you said, they are all hypocrite who think that a piddley book gives them all they nee: in life. "A scientist will read 1000 books and still not think they know even one percent of everything. A Christian reads one book and they think they know it alll."-unknown

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Just go to Youtube and in the

Just go to Youtube and in the search box type Father Ted "Speed".

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Read this.

Read this.


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Read the first paragraph or so by the author of the essay in the link. He has a similar reaction to your own. He goes on to great length to provide evidence for disposing of claims for the validity of the entire christian religion via the revelation that there never was a jesus to begin with. No jesus, no christianity, and that is a rather acceptable revelation.

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