Who is your favourite popular atheist?

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Who is your favourite popular atheist?

My favourite popular atheists are Matt Dillahunty, and Tracie Harris.

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From the start my only

From the start my only favorite atheist was Sam Harris. I think he's burning out as of late. I enjoy his podcasts more for what his guests have to say than what he has to say. I thought his latest book was uninteresting.

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Haha why the disagrees on

Haha why the disagrees on this one lol ^

I've been listening to his podcast since it started, anyone who has done the same should agree. He used to do solo podcasts and then he brought guests, now he's doing some weird live show. Some of those guests had more interesting conversations with Joe Rogan.

The Moral Landscape was one of my favorite books and possibly his best work. He then published Lying and Free Will and Islam, all three felt I like just read an essay, or a preface, not a book. I had high hopes for Waking Up, but its so pointless.

I think anyone that disagrees with what I'm saying, simply doesn't follow his work

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@John Re: "Haha why the

@John Re: "Haha why the disagrees on this one lol"

I promise it wasn't me, John! LOL Although, I have a sneaking suspicion at least one of those Disagrees is from you. *chuckle*

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Oops I almost forgot. I just

Oops I almost forgot. I just now added my own disagree lol.

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@John Good man. lol


Good man. lol

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Why the disagrees you ask?

Why the disagrees you ask? Perhaps folks thought his latest book was interesting.

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Matt Dillahunty is certainly

Matt Dillahunty is certainly at the top of the list, as is Sam Harris. I particularly agree with Sam's take on Islam which Matt D. would oppose to the core. Matt is quite liberal and I do not always agree with his politics but when it comes to Atheism he is 100% or as near to 100% as can be, spot on.

I think there are some other great atheists out there who need mention; especially to newbies. Bart Erhman calls himself agnostic but also admits he is an atheist. He does a wonderful job of explaining how the Bible was made and exploring the Biblical Jesus. "How Jesus became God" is a wonderful YouTube series and a fantastic book. "Who Wrote the Bible" is another.

Another fantastic person to listen to is Richard Carrier - whether or not you adopt the "mytholocist" point of view. His lectures are interesting, loaded with facts and peer reviewed information, and above all interesting.

One of my favorite atheists on YouTube is Nonstampcollector. His cartoons are simplistic, entertaining and full of information.

Finally; and the last I will mention is Comedian Jim Jefferies. His rip on God the Bible and Moses is as hilarious as Ricky Gerveis's tale of Noah's ark. (See how I stuck one more name in there. I remembered Ricky as I was talking about Jim. ) All of these are available on YouTube/

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Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennett

Yes, one of the four horsemen, call me a herd animal. Daniel made me realize that religion is just a placebo and as long as you are convinced it works, you can continue to convince yourself that it works.

The thing I still don't understand though is how even when you tell certain people that it's just a sugar pill they can still convince themselves that it does something. Obviously, we are dealing with some very sick people.

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I don't have a favorite. I

I don't have a favorite. I take each statement on its own merit no matter who says it.

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Stephen Fry. His comments and

Stephen Fry. His comments and questions for god are classics.

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Mine was and forever will be

Mine was and forever will be the man, the myth, the legend.... Mr Christopher Hitchens!

He absolutely decimated all comers in debates, and was far too articulate and witty for his opponents.

A man as well travelled as he was well read, he was phenomenal and I'd urge all to watch his debates, talks and to read his books.

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I miss the Hitch!

I miss the Hitch!

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I thought about it and I can

I thought about it and I can't come up with one. I have a rotating host of favorites.
Richard Carrier of late. And Dawkins is usually in my top two. Aron Ra some times because he's like a terminator. Matt Dillahunty because he's great at exposing dishonesty and fallacious thinking in people, whether they'll admit it or not.
Christopher Hitchens comes up to favorite every once in a while. I love how ruthless he is. All the while being unparsimoniously eloquent with language as he delivers his venom into the ears of his interlocutors.

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My favorite popular atheists

My favorite popular atheists are Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris.

I don't like them at all, especially Tracie Harris ;)

The list is endless, and apart from those two, I'd say Dawkins, Harris, Hirsi Ali, Hitch and Shermer would be my "classical" favorite ones. Richard Carrier and Douglas Murray are another great recent discoveries. I also enjoy Dan Baker and Annie Laurie Gaylor... And in general, I love atheist comedians...

Atheists... what's not to like?

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