Why are you an atheist?

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Why are you an atheist?

Why are you guys atheist and why don't you believe or refuse to believe in God?

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Why am I an atheist? Because

Why am I an atheist? Because that's what the theists call me for not accepting their gawds without evidence.

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@Jared S

@Jared S
"why don't you believe or refuse to believe in God?”

Wrong verbs. "Can't believe."
Why? Because I'm capable of rational thought. Because I only have one life and have more important things to do than bend the knee to sky-daddy and its earthly minions.

Why do you believe in god? Was it fear, hope, inertia or gullibility that drew you into the church's web of deceit? Or perhaps you've had some personal revelation of your deity?

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@Jared S....

@Jared S....

And which particular god/gods is it that you think we should believe in....?

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@JaredS : Refusal? Do you

@JaredS : Refusal? Do you think I am resisting any particular command from any particular deity? Perhaps I am an intelligent ape and not a sheep!

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There is no valid evidence to

There is no valid evidence to support the claim that any god exists.

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Why are you a Christian and

Why are you a Christian and why do you think there exists or choose to have faith in a god?

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An omnipotent creator might

An omnipotent creator might or might not exist. We have no proof of it existing, let alone being YOUR God. Besides, the thought of a God creating this whole complex universe and giving humans endless opportunities to learn and build yet punishing them for being themselves and obliging them to worship it is irrational. Why would a Creator do that? Either it doesn't exist or it's sadistic. And if it's the second case, I wouldn't want to worship it.

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Okay, i can see where your're

Okay, i can see where your're coming from

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Which god....http://www

Which god....
Does it matter which one? They're all invented by men.

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If you are Jewish or a Christian your own Bible says that faith cannot be faked or created. It is a gift from your god. Apparently I missed the memo and didn't line up on gifting day. I can't create a belief in any deity any more than I can create belief in the flying spaghetti monster. Do you believe in him? Why not? Have you not been touched by his noodly appendage?
If you are Muslim, why the hell do you think I'd rely on the scribblings of a desert bandit and child rapist?
It you are Hindu, i have a problem with the eight arm thing and the guy with the elephant head.
Mormon? Puh-lease.
Buddhist? Do they even have a god?
Satanist? Now there's a guy after my own heart. If I could believe in a deity, it would probably be him.

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There isn't a religion actually based on Satanic worship. Satanism is usually an atheistic system based on depicted qualities of Satan. Just sayin'.

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I guess that's why it appeals

I guess that's why it appeals to me.

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To believe that God exist

To believe that God exist makes no sense. If God would exist, we should have some evidence. But an evidence would destroy any religion. Because if there would be an evidence for the existence of God, you would not need to believe, you would know it.
By the way, science proves to us that there can be no God.

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@xDISTOx Nice claim: "science

@xDISTOx Nice claim: "science proves to us that there can be no God."

I'm interested in how you think science proves this. Can you elaborate?

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My thoughts on this subject

My thoughts on this subject always made me think about the start of the whole universe. The Big bang right? Well, i always wondered, well what was before the big bang? What started, what was before the big bang? I think, how could the universe just exist, how did it really start who knows how long ago, God or a god comes to mind and gives me a some what rational explanation for me.

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@Jared S

@Jared S
"My thoughts on this subject always made me think about the start of the whole universe. The Big bang right?"

A few generations ago most people believed that god created the Earth and all the creatures on it in seven days a few thousand years ago, and that god still intervenes in the world all the time. (Some people are still stuck at this stage.) Then we learned about solar systems, galaxies, geology, evolution, etc., and gradually god was pushed back into a smaller and smaller gap. You yourself are now saying that god maybe triggered the Big Bang, but presumably you don't see miracles everyday, so I guess god hasn't done much lately. Can you see this process of the shrinking god? The more we learn, the more irrelevant god becomes. Ultimately there'll be no more gaps for god to hide in and the bubble will burst.

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Go watch some video

Go watch some video presentations by Lawrence Krauss.

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Did you ever heard of Albert Einstein and the general theory of relativity?
Do you understand space and time, matter and energy?
If so, you should know the answer. This forum is not the right place to explain this complex theory.
Visit wikipedia for more information.

as a short summary:
Today Science can explain how the world came to existence. It was definitly not a "god".
The Big Bang created space and time and thus matter and energy.
Now the same people say that "god" created the Big Bang. But before the Big Bang there was no time where a "god" could have done that or even time where a "god" could exist. Thats quiet simple.
If you believe everything (even "god") is endless, than god makes also no sence. Because there can't be a creator like a "god" of something thats endless. This is because there is no before or after something that is endless.
And finaly if Donald Trum is president - "god" can't exist, "god" would'nt let this be.

Thats what i know (not believe)

And please excuse my bad english. I'm from germany ;)

best regards


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I was raised Christian and

I was raised Christian and rejected it soon as I went to college. It doesn't make any sense. Even though I "felt the calling" twice due to the power of persuasion from the church service and a convincing (at the moment) preacherman. Once I got out on my own and was FREE to really think, it all went byebye.

The second thing I would mention is that I was taught that the Bible is the word of god. It's so poorly written and so hard to understand, that doesn't make a bit of sense. Why would an omnipotent god invent such a crazy system. Even among Christians, there countless interpretations of what a scripture means.

The whole thing just doesn't make any sense. Plus, I have always been a science-oriented person, and science provides answers. Science is truth.

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Invalid question. You might just as well ask why you need to know the answers to questions you don't have.

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A new born baby has no

A new born baby has no beliefs. It lacks beliefs in gods, Santa Claus, fairies and Leprechauns.
An atheist is just a person who has rejected the unprovable claims about gods that they are bombarded with as they grow up and throughout their lives.

But it would be better to use the phrase "non-believer", since the word "atheist" or "atheism" is more or less always misconstrued to include other things, or even mean something completely different.

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We didnt choose to be an

We didnt choose to be an atheist , we just became atheist after finding the answer of our questions based on science and then notice that all the things which was indoctrinated to us by religion was wrong

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Stupid question, but what can

Stupid question, but what can you expect from someone that lives their life based on a myth.

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wow, okay

wow, okay

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Forgive Mykob, he is one of

Forgive Mykob, he is one of our more straightforward and blunt users, but he means well. As for why I don't believe, I just don't see much sense in it all. What's never appealed to me is the idea of an afterlife. Why would a God tell us to strive for a goal or prize that we aren't even sure exists? And if it did, is it all its made out to be?

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wow, okay

wow, okay

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Why? Because I value

Why? Because I value knowledge, logic and reason above make-belief, conjecture and superstition.

I don't refuse to believe in a god or gods, I can't believe in them. I tried and for a while even managed to convince myself that I did believe. Except, when doubt came and there were no reasonable answers to the questions I had about aspects of the faith, I was forced to conclude that I was deluding myself. This is what a reasonable person does.
I now feel rather embarrassed about ever accepting the baseless premise of a benevolent god who looks out for you and cares for you.

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Regardless of the truth of

Regardless of the truth of this exchanged, I think Laplace nailed it.

Napoleon: You have written this huge book on the system of the world without once mentioning the author of the universe.
Laplace: Sire, I had no need of that hypothesis.

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I don't really understand the

I don't really understand the question the way you have framed it. Belief is not a choice. You don't choose not to believe in gods. Here is a simple answer:: I am not a theist because I disbelieve any and all the fables that I have heard about the existence of any god or gods. And you are almost certainly an atheist about each and every one of the thousands of gods that have been created throughout history... except for one. So we are not so different after all.

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