Why do atheists feel that they are certain that there is no God?

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@ Tin Man

@ Tin Man

Of course it was you that Cranky was referring to...I mean didn't we just get you chrome plated? He probably caught sight of you when you came out the buffing shop...so brilliant it was blinding...

Of course now you are covered in in Cog Poo again (he does love you as a target, hey) you are not well, so ummm...burnished? as you were...a good hosing down and some chrome wax should get you back tho...

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@ cranky47

@ cranky47

"No fear of death."

Thank you cranky47. This is not boasting or a projection on what my emotions will be as I near death, I have gone through trial by fire. Due to my advancing age that exaggerates any health issues, I have experienced a few crisis where my odds were fragile. And each time, as I look back on reflection, I realized that my concerns were never about gods or hell, but my concern for my loved ones, even wondering about leaving my very clingy dog.

Of course I do not want to die in the next five hundred years. But my true concern is a prolonged and/or painful death.

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@ David

@ David

I've been lucky. The closest I've been to death so far was falling down an open cut mine when I was 8; both arms and head broken. left with some incapacity in R arm, which I don't notice, unless I need to do up the top button of a shirt.

My father and grandfather each died with arteriosclerosis, which they developed in their 70's.My father died by inches, demented and miserable, over a ten year period. A wonder of modern geriatric medicine. THAT is my fear. I'm perhaps over aware of my mental state. (memory especially)

My only concern is that my Jack Russell find a good home. He's clingy too.still suffer separation anxiety if I leave the house, even just to take out the trash. Once had a girlfriend like that. Gets old real quick.

Although I take a raft of drugs, including for blood pressure , cholesterol and type2 diabetes, my health is remarkably good.

Be perfectly happy to go with a stroke in my sleep, any time; divorced , no kids, live alone. Not complaining , just explaining .

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@I still have a niggle..

@I still have a niggle.. Agreed. If I'm wrong, this god thing will be nothing like the 10,000 years of mythology human being have invented. He might actually be a nice person to sit down and have a cup of coffee with. (I don't drink beer.) (Ask a Christian to Imagine what they would be like if they were God. Would they be killing everyone right and left? Would they be causing floods? Would they get pisses at a king and then kill every first born child? Would they insist on a blood sacrifice to save the things they had created? All human versions of God are complete and utter nonsense.

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This is an essential point I

This is an essential point I've been making for some time - any genuine god type entity that actually exists, will almost surely be so far removed from all previous human experience, that it will falsify all of our mythologies at a stroke.

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Meanwhile, did the OP return

Meanwhile, did the OP return here and address any of the posts above?

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Drive by...

Drive by...


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To "know" is to claim a leap

To "know" is to claim a leap of logic that is often (but not necessarily always) as illogical as the full force belief often presented by theistic individuals. One can only truly have what they feel (which should always be taken with a hearty spoonful of salt, as ones own heart and gut can and will deceive them worse than any ill intentioned person), and what they can be reasonably comfortable in asserting as most plausible with the information they have available to them.

I certainly feel as though there is no particular god that exists, although I can no more reasonably say I *know* they do not as a theistic person could say they *know* they do. There's simply not enough evidence to either end to make that solid of a statement. And, as with my previous assertion that one's own feelings should never be trusted fully without due reason, while I feel no particular god exists, it's not a certainty in my mind - but I am reasonably comfortable in the lack of evidence to the existence of one that I don't feel my position of non belief is a precarious one.

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Satan has blinded the eyes of

Satan has blinded their eyes that's why, 2 Corinthians 4:3-4

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@ spiritedone05

@ spiritedone05

So, it seems you believe in 3 entwined gods plus an antihero godlet....as well as that, you agree with Paul about an entirely spiritual jesus figure that appeared only in Paul's dreams well after the actual jesus was dead.

Hmm. Maybe you should take stock of what you actually believe. Try saying it in a mirror, see how ridiculous it sounds.

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The eyes deceive just as much


The eyes deceive just as much as the heart does. Only the mind can properly lead, and even it could never be infallible. To believe without evidence, to act on mere feeling, in order to have your life guided, is nothing but foolishness. No matter how deep rooted into your heart your belief is, and no matter how firmly you "know" your god exists, you are no more right than any non believer here, nor any person from any other religion. The difference being, we don't claim we are absolutely, 100% right. We are open to the idea of possibly being wrong. You are not. That is what seperates us.

To close your mind off to the possibility of fault in your mindset and convictions is to render yourself unable to develop and better yourself.

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This tiresome resort to a

This tiresome resort to a fictional entity is precisely that - tiresome.

What made us regard your mythology as incompetent to provide substantive answers to even simple questions, let alone the hard ones, is the number of demonstrable fatuous errors therein. If you're deluded enough to think there are none, I'll have fun humiliating you with a nice little collection thereof.

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spiritedone05 "Satan has

spiritedone05 "Satan has blinded their eyes that's why, 2 Corinthians 4:3-4"

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for this mythical demon?

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I agree.

I agree.

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With what? I asked a question

quantisedd "I agree."

With what? I asked a question, I didn't make any assertion? My question was..."What objective evidence can you demonstrate for this mythical demon?"

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@Sir Random

@Sir Random

"'The eyes deceive just as much as the heart does. Only the mind can properly lead, and even it could never be infallible."


In my experience humans tend to be almost incapable of objectivity with any consistency, even in the hard sciences . That due to human frailty .My favourite example is the scientist who falsified his data to show that vaccination causes autism . I wonder how many lives that has cost.

Going by my own reactions and those of people around me, in a conflict between reason and emotion, emotion invariably wins.

Most obvious examples are the emotionalism and cognitive dissonance many believers use to to enable them to keep their personal superstitions.

I was going to make an observation about Trump supporters, but thought better of it.

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But of course, other

But of course, other scientists caught him out.

That's what has a habit of happening if you try peddling porkies in the scientific community.


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