Why do you believe God doesn't exist

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Why do you believe God doesn't exist

**Edited the title since it was previously odd**

I used to fully believe there's a higher power. Yet, why do we give it MALE qualities and gender attributes? Why is there such a loving God that made us free will but expects us to be perfect and sinless and beg for repentance all the time (then throw us into a lake of fire after life)? Why is there suffering, innocent children dying from diseases while he watches people suffer from afar? Why are there people led astray by KNOWLEDGE and SCIENCE? If God existed, he actually knew about this and wouldn't let it happen. Just because we are questioning and researching only to find things that contradict a God particle, doesn't mean Satan is controlling us or leading us away from God. There might be something that created this universe, but this being so far, is sadistic, unfair and too controlling and expecting, narcissistic and wants us all to suffer for just wanting to live pleasurable lives. I believe some sort of afterlife exists, and that aliens and dimensions exist yet Heaven and Hell sound like Greek myths to me. How can suddenly there only be one true God whilst we have a billion more that we think exist.

I always started to question things, and because I have GAD/generalized anxiety disorder symptoms I tend to feel guilty sometimes for denying God's existence and anxious. Poor me.

So what are the reasons why you don't believe in a God?

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It seems a bit of an odd

I do not believe any deity exists or that there is any such thing as a "supernatural realm." Sure, there could be some kind of higher power out there, but we have no evidence of any. Still, even if such a being did exist, there isn't anything that says it owes us a life free from suffering. To speculate that a god wouldn't let bad thing happen presupposes that we would be important to such a being. It could be that we are no more important to more powerful beings than insects are to most of us. Just keep in mind the fact that your questions carry inherent assumptions about what our relationship with a deity should be. Those assumptions are worth as much examination as the questions that arise from them.

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to answer your question in

To answer your question in full honesty no, I do understand you asking though as many people on here over time have been theist and its good to get a baseline of the the people and their stance though keep in mind you can also look at peoples profile to get an idea mine for example loosely describes what I think.

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Yeah that's what kind of

Yeah that's what kind of insight I've been looking for.
Even if I know the answer is no, I love knowing the reasons why people don't believe in one. Every reason I have heard, makes sense, is rational and humane.

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God both exist and doesn't.

God both exist and doesn't. Why I say so? God is in the mind of believers and god exist for them. God was not in the mind of atheist so he doesn't exist. Therefore, god can be just in our mind. I'm not an atheist. I believe there is god but he/she/it does not exist in our visible realm, not here in our world.

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your GOD/S was just a

your GOD/S was just a misunderstanding of our ancestors.who knows if they were just aliens every religion in the earth points their GODS in the skies, and whats on the sky star,moon and UFO?

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This is trending now on

This is trending now on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-j8ZMMuu7MU I don't necessarily agree with it but wonder what you think Mystic?

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Maybe there's more than one.

Maybe there's more than one.
I believe that the descriptions from Abrahamic religions makes their God seem FAKE. Because of the incredibly ironic traits he has. (In Islam he has 99, all contradict each other.)

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That's very easy I prayed for

That's very easy I prayed for a thing and didn't get it so i stole the thing,did i been persecuted?nope of course not ,there is no GOD if there would be then all the wicked people in the world could've been persecuted or died , If GOD was true then what is he made? Is he some kind of matter? there is more evidence of big-foot than him..

there is no GOD and no LIFE AFTER DEATH so make your life productive to others do not waste your existence...

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I think it's not just a

I think it's not just a matter of not believeing in god, but more about having no proof at all that there is one. This is just questioning everything until we have proof of the actual existance of this god that we have been taught to fear and to live by "his " rules that seem to be made by men and not by any sort of god.

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Well said, men have been

Well said, men have been making and pretending to be gods since the idea was invented.

Egos aside people when doing this should consider what a God would really be like if one were to exist. Too often you see the people who invented these gods in the way the god was created to be. This is why I believe Gods often take human form.

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I don't believe that gods do

I don't believe that gods do exist.

Its a different position that believing that gods do not exist.

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Help me work out the

Help me work out the difference... Let's take Isis: How is not believing that Isis exists different from believing that Isis doesn't exist?

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Easy, in the first case you

Easy, in the first case you don't know or believe Isis exist but nor to do you he doesn't. In the later case you know or believe he does not exist

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First of all, "know" wasn't

First of all, "know" wasn't in the original statement, so let's leave that aside for the time being and limit the question to belief (theism/atheism). Too many people conflate atheism with agnosticism as it is. Second, Isis is a she. :)

I will restate your sentence leaving out the "know" parts and correcting the gender:

"Easy, in the first case you don't believe Isis exists but nor to do you [believe] she doesn't. In the later case you believe she does not exist"

Before we continue, are you OK with those revisions, or have I altered your meaning too much?

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No I don't mid the revisions

No, I don't mind the revisions thanks for doing so actually! I was using know to execute the point better but even without it I feel it's fine. My bad on Isis's sex. So let's continue!

I don't think atheism and agnosticism are the same but do feel someone can believe a god does not exist while at the same time not believing a god does not exist. I know it sounds weird but for example I could not believe Zeus exist while at the same time I also not believe he does not exist. I lack concrete evidence for both views and my belief is not sold so cheap. I could prefer to keep it open and keep looking for evidence in both directions By the way feel free to substitute Zues with Jesus or anyone else for that matter even Elvis if you wish. Existence without proof hard to prove either way. Belief is tricky like that. I could believe if Zeus ever did exist he was not what legend has made of him and is likely long dead by now however this does not discredit his existence all together. I am not trying to be difficult but there is a point in this exercise. Some people thought Montezuma a God the guy really existed but god well that's up to debate.

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"I could not believe Zeus

"I could not believe Zeus exist while at the same time I also not believe he does not exist." Like Schrodinger's god. :D

So it sounds as if you're trying to not take a position either way on Zeus' existence. But when you say you do not believe Zeus exists, that's taking a position. I don't see how you can have it both ways. You could say something like, "I take no position on my belief in the existence of Zeus," in which case you can't at the same time say you do not believe.

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Exactly,I feel Like I can say

Exactly,I feel Like I can say I don't believe he exist because I have not been convinced he does or ever did but I could also say i don't believe he did not exist as I have not also been shown sufficient evidence he does not. All I have heard is hearsay, I tend to doubt hearsay and question it but only rule thing in or out with sufficient proof. Not familiar with Schrodinger's god but like with Schrodinger's cat you don't really know until you see proof the cat is either alive or dead in the box and nobody knows until curiosity makes them open the box hoping to get a glimpse before the cat dies to know if it was alive or dead . People can say all sorts of things about the cat. They can say its alive or dead for this or that reason and they can make up reasons why they believe what they do up and these things can be debated at infinitude getting further and further from the knowing the longer time passes. people over time can grant this cat super powers and for this or that reason speculate the cat is still alive and even hinge the world's existence on the cat in the box. Only one thing is certain, the cat is either A: alive or B: dead but either way it does not matter the moment you open the booby trapped box as Einstein said, curiosity kills the cat. Could not help bringing this up its my favorite Schrodinger/Einstein related story. You're right though I am trying to take an agnostic stance on Zeus for illustrative stance. Like with Schrondinger's cat you won't know until you see proof without proof all you have is speculation as to the existence of life in a box that can not effect the world in either for better or for worse ways to look into it. the moment you open the box the cat is dead as long as the box stays closed the cat has no access to changing things in the outside world. I will look into Shrondinger's God later got a lot of stuff to do tonight.

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Isis is the Mother and wife

Isis is the Mother and wife of Osirus right? They are just part of Egyptian mythology. It's really funny knowing some believes that Mother Mary is a reincarnation of Isis.

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Good point, kind of agnostic

Good point, kind of agnostic i'd say. Its like saying your not sure or better yet you simply don't know what to believe. it is to say you don't believe gods exist but nor do you believe they don't as you have not been shown sufficient proof either way.

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I'm still in the middle of

I'm still in the middle of the two claims but I'm more agree on the part of the theists. I don't view god as Jesus or any deities of other religions, for me god is more of an energy, wisdom and strength that can dwell on each of us to make us convey act of goodness, love and peace.

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It is an interesting question

It is an interesting question especially for someone like me who is a believer.
The common answers I have been reading or getting are there are no enough proofs for them that God do exists and that life is explained by Science.

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Because I defined "God" in my

Because I defined "God" in my head:

A omniscient, omnipotent, magical ghost who created everything when there was nothing but him and who lives in an alternate dimension in outer space.

Ask a believer, "What is God?" and you get a response that DESCRIBES God or gives him characteristics. They will not actually define God because they know it sounds ridiculous although it's what they believe.

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Hmmm interesting, kind of

Hmmm interesting, kind of related to the link I posted above, if the person in the video is correct, some may define god with characteristics because God is closely related to their ego. I think many a true believer may have lost touch with what it sounds like to be ridiculous long ago. I have my theories for if a supreme being exist it would be like but it is not human.

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trust me on this one, if

trust me on this one, if there is a good it probably doesnt care about human related emotions. It's a force way beyond our intelligence.

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I tend to agree with you on

I tend to agree with you on this one but we could be wrong, he may care but not in the same way or for the same reasons we could be part of one or many experiments.

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Not to be rude, but how many

Not to be rude, but how many times are people going to wander on and ask this same question?

Let's learn to use the search function here people.

Thanks :)

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