Why is homosexuality such a recurring issue in Abrahamic religions?

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Why is homosexuality such a recurring issue in Abrahamic religions?

I'm curious as to the issue, because no matter what digging I do in the bible or quran, I can't seem to find an explanation as to why homosexuality is bad. The feelings are perfectly normal, and most people admit to watching some form of homosexual acts in pornography. So why did the Arab religions make it tantamount to deviltry? It makes no sense (as if that weren't a recurring issue in itself).
First of all, I highly doubt it was known that unprotected sex of any kind, let alone homosexual, could pass disease. Most people died early from disease or malnutrition in those areas, and death by any other means was frequent enough to probably be seen as universal, and could hardly be tied to one action in particular. Second, history is full of homosexual acts and themes, so it would stand to reason that the act of homosexuality wasn't anything new to the religions of Abraham, and was fairly well established as a practice. People generally fear the new, but it wasn't new. Homosexuality has been around since the first male monkey asserted his dominance over another. So why would something which would appear to have no negative effects, and which was frequent enough in the world to have gained commentary status by historians be so hated in the holy books? If anyone would like to explain or just spitball some ideas as to why such hatred for the practice came to be, by all means. I'm quite puzzled.

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Oh,the answer is simple,

Oh,the answer is simple, homosexual no children, no children, no soldiers.

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Biggus Dickus - Oh,the answer

Biggus Dickus - Oh,the answer is simple, homosexual no children, no children, no soldiers.

I don't know if that is correct, but it is certainly the most plausible answer I've heard.

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It probably has to do with

It probably has to do with the practice of circumcision. The person who does the circumcision has to suck the bloody wound. That's one of the reasons Paul said that Christian men don't have to be circumcised. He did a couple and said to heck with that ritual. One of the things the guys apparently had to do was to whip out their Johnsons and show everyone that they had been circumcised and were therefore members of the clique.

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That's just disgusting child

That's just disgusting child abuse. If rabbis want to mutilate dicks, they should stick their own pencils in the sharpener.

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Prostitution and

Prostitution and homosexuality are bad but killing an entire population and keeping the underage girls as concubines is acceptable.

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What about David and Jonathan

What about David and Jonathan?

I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women. (2 Samuel 1:26)

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The bible has it's incest

The bible has it's incest that god believes in. Adam and Eve, and their children. Noah and his family. Also Lot and his daughters.

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So if we're looking for logic

So if we're looking for logic in biblical proscriptions, someone please enlighten me on why it is wrong to boil a goat in milk or why it is sinful to mix linen and wool. Culinary and fashion faux pas maybe. But sins worthy of stoning?

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Well I'll take this

Well I'll take this opportunity to be candid. I think it's possible that I'm quite normal in that as a strait man I find few things more horrifying the prospect of being penetrated by another man. I tend to even fast forward through it in movies. I believe there's generally a huge divide between straight men and gay or bisexual men as far as that with very little overlap. The difference between these authors and I is that I don't give fuck what consenting adults do with each other. It's a conversation I've had with gay friends on multiple occasions. How you can deeply love a friend and at the same time be totally grossed out by the idea of their sex life. It seems to be cultural, and I'm sure will change over time until unforeseen circumstances hand the reigns back over to theocracies once again.

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I just love the irony of you

I just love the irony of you saying that when Travolta is your avatar

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Leviticus 20-13 clearly

Leviticus 20-13 clearly condemns to death the "detestable" act of homosexuality.

If anyone is enchanted by the bible's (New International Version) historicity, this particular part does not seem to have much evidence in the way of dissenting its inclusion. All of Leviticus 20 carries some pretty heavy penalties for sin so either you embrace it and consent to it without aversion or you shun it. It's all or naught. I'll champion the latter any day but that's a bit much for the partial theists to chew. They tend to deflect, with a convenient use of interpretation, and defend their lifestyles against the bible's word. As transparent as that is we still see threads like this pleading for acceptance on an atheist's forum, of all ironic places to plead. It leads me to believe that this is a last chance hope for acceptance. That said, the point is to highlight the transparency of the lack of absolutes within theism regarding its embracing of the bible in its entirety as theological law.

Clearly, homosexuality, among other sexual practices, is not allowed by the bible. However, if visiting this forum is essential to the homosexual psyche's need to be given a kitchen pass, I freely give it. It just isn't my business to judge. But, understand that my opinion is meaningless in your theological realm. The bible is your law. If it considers your lot to be condemned then you have to seek another path to find your spiritual comfort.

What I find abhorrent is the lie hidden in the vows taken by the homosexual clergy at large. This is troubling to the world at so many levels it completely reduces the entire catholic religion to a level of scrutiny compatible with that of the common criminal, or worse; systemic pedophilia. I'm sure apologists, certain forum contributors inclusive, would prefer to use the above deflection to limit the power of the bible's condemnation, and attendant secular law, of this unsavory immorality by a transparent contrivance of informed consent as a defense. And, it will gain traction because the alternative is simply untenable in a world still necessarily infatuated with it's supernatural imaginings.

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People tend to forget that in

People tend to forget that in 1895 the age of consent was 7 years old in Delaware, USA. And a few years before that there was no minimum. The slavers wanted slaves for other things besides picking cotton. According to the Jewish Babylonian Talmud the minimum age is 3 years and a day. Now think about that. A guy goes over to his buddy's house and the buddy lets the guy bang his 3 year old and a day old daughter because she's old enough. Or else he does it himself.

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I would chalk up the

I would chalk up the abrahamic religions view on homosexuality as fear of the unknown.

They decided to outlaw something they could not understand and so deemed it "detestable"

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That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

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When inquiring as to what

When inquiring as to what makes homosexuality wrong within Judaism or Christianity, one must first address the question of what makes anything wrong. Can anything be considered wrong? If so, on what basis? Who decides and why? Any attempt at answering without this framework would be an exercise in futility and circular reasoning.

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Because the gods of the holy

Because the gods of the holy babble pay a lot of attention to who we sleep with and in what position

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My own observations suggest

My own observations suggest that those who shout loudest about homosexuality are motivated by fear. They aren't afraid of the homosexuals they see in front of them, but rather of the homosexuals they sense inside themselves. Why else would they even care what strangers do in their bedrooms?

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