Why the innumerable studies and examinations of atheism

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Why the innumerable studies and examinations of atheism

I guess it's just a simple concept to me and definable in a single sentence. I've been an atheist 51 of my 59 years on this green and blue orb. Early on I was a soldier for it making a complete nuisance of myself amongst people who knew me who held god-fearing beliefs. Then I realized it was what it was and let it go. Since then I've never given a genuine moment's thought to the subject until this year. Now, out of curiosity, I look around the internet and see a plethora of studies written about it. I suppose it's just another of man's attempts to appear intelligent when he isn't. But, seriously, why all the studying of a topic that is self evident?

Is it by theists looking to discredit something to promote themselves in the process?

Is it by atheists looking to do the opposite of the above?

Is it a combo platter of both sides employing champions for their respective causes? (note: there are no experts in this topical area, only champions)

The reason I ask is because it seems there isn't a subject where black and white can't be identified, each given extreme levels of faux importance, and then fought over.

Humans really, really suck at living in peace. Atheism is simply a declaration of disbelief in a god and anyone acting on it simply doesn't understand anything about being an atheist. You do not give it life because it does not ask for one. You do not buy, sell or trade it because it has no value. You do not create banners in its name and arm yourselves under them. You do not sport it like a badge on a puffed out chest. You do not use it as a focal point of any discourse because it neither extends nor begets knowledge, revelation nor unifying power amongst men. It is simply a declaration that requires no further actioning to making it any more than what it is.

I don't really think atheism, as it is predominantly explored on what I've read on the internet, is truly understood. Legions of anti-atheists cannot undo it and counter-mongering by so-called atheists in its defense are similarly useless.

Just walk away.

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There are people who don't

There are people who don't understand the atheists and view them as evil and belonging to anti-christ groups. Those close-minded people will just stick on what they understand and will not explore in the name of faith in their so-called god.

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I think you can find such

I think you can find such studies about just about any sufficiently large group of people, and many of those are just as equally laughable and wrong, I just see it as a sure sign that we are finally being acknowledged as more than a fad or phase.

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