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Why it's important

I know that this is an atheist forum. I understand that most here want to discuss religion, science, and a myriad of issues that ONLY relate to atheism. I also bear in mind that a number of members are not American or even remotely interested in American politics.
Just think for a moment why this American election is so very important. As an atheist, I treasure my right to not be forced to believe in a god. I don't want to be demonized for not being a christian. I want very much that the institutional bigotry against my constitutional right to not believe in a god to be destroyed.
This election matters for those reasons and much more. I don't believe in islam, but I will protect the rights of muslims with my life if need be, to ensure justice.
Now I don't like or even respect BenC (Kenny), but I do agree that we need to pay attention to a wider view of the world as it DOES actually apply to we atheist.
If you want the ten commandments forced down your throat, if you want forced prayer in school, if you want pseudo-science taught replacing real science in schools, if you want revisionist history replacing actual history taught in schools, then yes, let us ignore the elephant in the room.
So if you see political threads, please understand that they are germane to atheism. Please keep that in mind.

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Can this BenC troll be

Can this BenC troll be removed? Just my opinion, but he's disruptive, rude and a waste of everyone's time.

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If the cycle continues, he

If the cycle continues, he will eventually tip the scale and get blocked...then come back after a bit under a different name.

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It's just a matter of time.

It's just a matter of time. He can't break the pattern...

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The forum allows topics not

The forum allows topics not related to atheism, as it says on the main forum page: "We encourage discussion about any and all topics as long as it abides by our forum guidelines."

The politics of the US has a lot of impact on the rest of the world, so even if the forum is international, it matters.
I for one do not want a religious bigot who thinks there is a glorious afterlife awaiting, as president of the US with access to weapons of mass destruction. Nor do I want a egomaniac psychopath like Trump, but at least I don't think for a second he is religious, so I don't think he will be eager to die.

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