Will the world end on Sept. 23?

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Will the world end on Sept. 23?

Some christians say the world will end on Sept. 23. Some christians say an major event will happen on Sept. 23. I'm not holding my breath over any of these predictions.


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Here is more about Sept. 23
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I remember from my childhood

I remember from my childhood in church I was taught that Christians believed what Jesus said that no one knows when the world would end except god. Anyone claiming to know the end would be a false prophet.

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Apocalyptic events are

Apocalyptic events are something very common in history. I remember many warnings in my lifetime. I guess it's good business for some.


The only certain end of our world will begin in 1.2 billion years when our sun starts to change, and becomes a Red Giant in 10 billion years approx. Although humankind will have become extinct much much much sooner...

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Yay facts!

Yay facts!

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The best prophet is the best

The best prophet is the best guesser.

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I never understand this shit.

I never understand this shit. People are always claiming the world will end and we know that nothing ends it just changes. Also, what the hell do these doomsayers actually want? If it is money, then they don't believe the world will end. If it is to ask for forgiveness than it is obviously too late.
If the world suffers a catastrophic calamity there is nothing anyone can do about it. It makes no sense to even predict that the world will end. If the prediction is correct no one will be around to hear you say "I told you so."

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I'm sure many major events

I'm sure many major events will happen on 23 SEP. Somewhere a seedling will stick it's cute little self out of the soil; somewhere a sun will go nova; somewhere a sentient being will experience a moment of wonderment and joy; and no doubt the president of the USA will tweet something stupid. All pretty major depending upon one's perspective.

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CM Allen: no doubt the

CM Allen: no doubt the president of the USA will tweet something stupid.

Nostradamus' prophecy about the tweets: The trumpet shakes with great discord.// An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven: // the bloody mouth will swim with blood; // the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.


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That's awesome.

That's awesome.

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I am watching this 34 minute

I am watching this 34 minute long YT clip as I speak and so far just passed the 20th minutes and I am losing his direction. It seem he is talking about the appearance of a star (Bethlehem star) which he said will end in 4 days which will be sept 23rd, but that depend where you live I guess. Than he talks about the planet or planets alignment with 2 constellation.

And as always the case he said it is proof that the Jews have been proven to be the chosen one.

I think I will spend the other 15 minutes for something else.

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For anyone that believes this

For anyone that believes this I have a deal for you! I will buy your cars, jewelry, and real estate for one penny on the dollar. This will give you thousands to spend before Saturday. I will be the sucker, right?

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The world will end on that

The world will end on that day just as it has every day before and after for countless people. Some people are just prone to exaggeration, that's all.

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And there are people who

And there are people who actually believe this shit?

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Seventh Day Adventists,

Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses....

It doesn't matter how many times their "prophets" get the dates wrong, they just keep coming back (and paying) for more of this bunkum.

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I can't speak for Jehovah's

I can't speak for Jehovah's Witnesses, but I've never known Adventists to be date-setters. In fact the denomination was born out of the attempt to correct this notion.

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Jehovah's Witnesses were

Jehovah's Witnesses were really embarrassed by some "date setting" a few generations ago; and so it is really frowned upon now.

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The fools on the hill.

Millerites! The fools on the hill.

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Well perhaps now is as good a

Well perhaps now is as good a time as any to let the forum know I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist myself lol. If anyone has been paying attention to the things I say they probably could have guessed my denomination.

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I didn't... because I thought

I didn't... because I thought you were RC, oops. Roman Catholics, I see Roman Catholics everywhere...

I've never met one of your fellows. I'm going to read about your church.

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If you saw the movie Hacksaw

If you saw the movie Hacksaw Ridge, the gentleman that its based on is a Seventh-Day Adventist. Or the movie Gifted Hands as well, that one is based on Ben Carson, before he went crazy and joined politics.

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Well John, the world ends

Well John, the world ends Saturday. Eat some bacon and enjoy!

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I don't really eat meat.

I don't really eat meat. Maybe I'll give turkey bacon a try.

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It would be the Sabbath.

It would be the Sabbath. Better play it safe!

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I haven't watched them, but I

John, I haven't watched them, but I wouldn't mind. I'll try to find them... I know who Ben Carson is, but after he went crazy and joined politics xD

I've been reading the official website in Spanish. I like the veganism aspect, and the importance of education and community work. And I love to rest both Saturday and Sunday, so no problem with the Sabbath... But I found the rest very cuestionable. I'm familiar with most of the concepts, because they were part of my indoctrination too.

Since you have a "scientific" mind, and some of your posts about the evolution of the eye were awesome, I was wondering... How do you reconciliate Creationism with the things you're studying? Are you coping with that well?

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Haha.. that's a difficult

Haha.. that's a difficult question to answer without spiraling into a week-long discussion. I suppose I can simplify a few points:

1. Most of the things that are worth studying aren't concerned with origins. Thus evolution is often just a footnote in most science textbooks. Everything from chemistry to physiology, microbiology to neuroscience all remain functional with or without evolution. In fact, most of the progress made in all these fields happened before evolution was introduced. So there isn't much to reconcile, unless we're specifically discussing origins.

2. From a philosophical standpoint, Creationists view God as the artist and the universe as the artwork. Science is our attempt to uncover and understand this artwork. Its almost as if God gave us a flashlight and told us to go look at what's hidden in the darkness. Sort of like how parents hide Easter eggs for their kids to go find. That's what I see when I study. I'm going under the hood of a machine God created. Creationism views the brain as a functional computer, in the same way artificial intelligence is designed by us. I can trust my brain because it was designed to perceive and interpret the universe. In contrast, evolution almost guarantees that we are deluded. Evolution doesn't have intelligence or reason in mind. And if our brains can't be trusted, then our sciences can't be trusted.

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Hi, John. I don't feel the

Hi, John. I don't feel the need to fill God into the gaps of Science, but you explain in a very suitable way how it's possible that there are believers scientists , and now I'm able to understand it better so I thank you for that.

About the 2nd. point: One of my teachers was famous social anthropologist José Antonio Jaúregui, who was one of the first on comparing the brain to a computer successfully. I think maybe you'd like his books, such as "The Emotional Computer". He was an amazing teacher and enjoyable writer, btw.

I notice that you only speak of Creationism in terms of intelligent design inspired by God, but... do you believe things like the Earth is only a few thousand years old, or in the Adam and Eve myth literally?

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No one said anything about

No one said anything about filling gaps with God. To the contrary, its not the things we don't know, but in the things we do know that the Christian can read God's signature.

I do believe in those things more or less literally. However, the creation account takes place during just one chapter of the entire Bible. There's a lot it doesn't tell us, so there's a lot to find out. The purpose in Genesis is to declare who made the universe, not how it was made. Christian say it all the time, the Bible isn't an encyclopedia or a textbook. It has one purpose only, and that is to reveal God. So believing in Creation literally, isn't replacement for science. Science helps us understand creation.

I find that the atheist alternative is essentially the same story, just with one factor that's different: the timing. So in that sense you too believe those stories almost as literally as I do. Adam and Eve may be myths to you, but you believe every human on earth evolved from a single ancestor as well. Noah's ark may be a myth to you, but you too believe there was a catastrophic event in the form of an asteroid that wiped out most life on earth. Even the Big Bang resemblance the act of creation. There's a period called the dark ages, then there's a period of light with the reionization of hydrogen, then stars form and condense into galaxies. That's extremely similar to what we see in Genesis. It was dark, then God said let there be light, then God formed the Sun, and so on. Another example, first God made aquatic life, then land animals, lastly humans. Same story we see in evolution, first aquatic, then land animals, lastly humans.

The creation story resembles the things we are finding out fairly accurately, its not like saying the earth is held up on the backs of turtles. Its more subtle than that. Of course there's plenty of points of disagreement between the two ideas, but the biggest contributor is the timing. How long did it take to happen. Once you move past that, you and I believe essentially the same thing, minus the God factor.

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Hey, John.

Hey, John.

I find that the atheist alternative is essentially the same story, just with one factor that's different: the timing.

For me, several factors are different, not just timing: 1. The people who made the stories, Scientists from the 21st century vs Peasants, fishers, etc. from the Iron Age. 2. Science is accumulated knowledge and has no limits, meaning everything can be questioned and reviewed, everything. Christianity has many limits which cannot be questioned, no matter what, beginning with the existence of the Trinity. 3. Science has experts, not authorities. 4. Scientists need to confirm hypothesis with evidence, before creating a theory, and much more evidence, for a solid fact like evolution. 5. In the beginning, how can it be light before there was any sky or any sun? Light came before those, according to Genesis; it says that light was created the 1st day (and wind!), and until the 3rd day, no sun was created 6. If you want to put names to the first ancestors, it's okey. But if the Garden of Eden is true, then Eve must have had sex with his own kids in order to continue the species...

And yes, you are using gaps. We don't know how our Universe came into existence, so there's a god.

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Almost everything in my

Almost everything in my theology is based on what we know, like my post on the subject of the eye. I don't recall saying if we don't know something, then there's a God. If I did quote me.

1. Truth doesn't care whose lips its being uttered from. Do you have evidence that the brain of kings is anatomically and physiologically different from that of peasants, or the scientist from the fisherman, or the 21st century brain different from the Iron Age brain? If not then I'm not sure what your argument is.

2. Science vs Christianity is a false equivalence. One is a method of gathering information, the other is an organized group of people. You can question whatever you want in Christianity, but questions alone don't change the answer. Assuming we know the answer of course. The trinity is a good example, there's a lot we don't know, and a lot of room for you to come to your own conclusion. Thus why there are Trinitarian churches and Unitarian churches.

3. Christianity has neither experts nor authorities, only God and whoever is willing to follow: "Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?" (Isa. 2:22). Contrast this with your statement in Point 1.

4. More or less. As mentioned earlier, science is a method of gathering information.

5. Light doesn't need a sun, it needs photons and the particles that emit them. We see this in the big bang when the universe was lit up by ionized gasses long before there was a star formed. God is also said to have physically divided the light from the darkness, that makes sense if the light derives from a gaseous substance, or a plasma. When such gasses are compressed, that's when stars are formed.

6. Eve had Adam, and I doubt he ran out of sperm, so no why would she sleep with her children? Their kids however probably did marry each other. But seeing how when evolution leads to speciation, it also leads to incest, I fail to see how your alternative is any different from mine.

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John 6IX Breezy...that makes

John 6IX Breezy...that makes sense if light is in a gaseous plasma state...

As opposed to a normal plasma? And for what it is worth, light does not have the states of matter such as solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. If you play fast and loose enough you can make anything match the bible.


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