Will the world end on Sept. 23?

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I've got a generator, a

I've got a generator, a portable air conditioner, a grill with plenty of charcoal and, well, you get the idea. I'm going to ride that baby out like I did hurricane Irma (the bitch).

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Dang, tomorrow is the 23rd.

Dang, tomorrow is the 23rd. Now I'm not sure I should do the grocery shopping today. Decisions, decisions.

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Can people please stay on OP!

Can people please stay on OP!

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It's Saturday, September 23,

It's Saturday, September 23, 6:50 am in my time zone (UTC+10). The sky's clear and blue, and there's no sign of the world ending. Maybe this end-of world-event will be limited to the US Bible Belt.

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Nothing much happening here

Nothing much happening here in the Bible Belt either. Clear sunny day. Took the dog for a walk. Going to grill outdoors today. Sip on an IPA. I'll check back later.

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Nothing happening here in the

Nothing happening here in the bible belt either. Nice sunny day. Damn, another end of the world failure that another christian predicted.

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Well, it's 1:37 pm CST so

Well, it's 1:37 pm CST so there is less than 2 hours left according to the prediction.

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Well, it rained heavily and

Well, it rained heavily and then stopped so a watery doom isn't awaiting us. Perhaps there's a solar flare on its way to scorch the Earth like in the movie Knowing. NASA nor the amateur stargazers have let that secret slip to the mainstream news media so I think that's also out. Mexico and Japan are experiencing some disturbing tectonic shifting but that all predates the 23rd. Maybe a large gama ray inbound from deep space will annihilate the Earth before midnight. Hmm, my tux is out being laundered and I wanted to go in style. Banana bread just came out of the oven though so I'll snack my fears away.

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So far in Rural Kentucky, mid

So far in Rural Kentucky, mid '80's, sunny sky. Nary a breeze. Just finished grilling chicken/ vegie kabobs and tossing a Greek salad. Family is watching Harry Potter. Nothing unusual yet!

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The "end times" Christians

The "end times" Christians are mostly mixed up people. Best not to waste you time on them.

Then again, many people are mixed up. I know an athiest who believes in astrology. Simultaneously, he claims he has no beliefs.
To me, its obvious there are mixed up theists and mixed up atheists.

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I think it is safe to change

I think it is safe to change the title of this thread to "Did the World End on September 23rd?".

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Checking in again. It's 8:03

Checking in again. It's 8:03 pm (2003 to yous 24-hour clock watchers) and I just finished some rainbow sherbet followed by a tangerine. A nice, tall unsweetened ice tea will now balance the palate. Had turkey sausage for dinner with cubed spuds and baked beans. I'm feeling good enough to die.

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Well, you humans aren't dead

Well, you humans aren't dead yet. Gonna have to go with Chimp Plan B. Develop superintelligent lab chimps and organize the other great apes.

Zira!! Grab your shoes , we have a job to do!

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I reckon that the chances of

I reckon that the chances of the world ending on September 23 are about 365/1. That is, of course, if you don't take the year into account. In which case, I wouldn't put money on it simply because I probably wouldn't be around to collect.

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Well, like my predecessor I

Well, like my predecessor I died and was resurrected on the morning of the 24th. It was a rather pedestrian event and because my family was at the theater watching the new iteration of It no one witnessed the event. But, I swear to you on a stack of bibles that it happened. Honest! It did! I even kept my stinking body-fluids soiled toga in a freezer bag as proof. That was a semi-gooey, semi-crusty garment to peel myself out of. Gross. Even the jesus dude didn't think to do that now did he? Anyway, it's now the 29th and I meant to mention the event here but got side-tracked organizing my sock drawer and it slipped my omniscient mind.


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