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William Barr

Attorney General William Barr on Friday faulted the “ascendancy” of secularism in America for mental illness, violence and drug abuse.


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Bloody hell, I don't think

Bloody hell, I don't think anything irritates me as much as theistic skid marks who think morality comes from Judeo-Christian beliefs.

How hard is it to see that morality has clearly evolved over time, from our distant bipedal ancestors?!

If we hadn't had evolved some natural moral compass, we wouldn't have formed packs/tribes/societies... etc...


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He did a similar thing back

He did a similar thing back in the 90's when he worked for the Bush Sr. administration.

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So all of the rape victims of

So all of the rape victims of the Catholic church that ended up drug addicts or mentally were led there by secularism?

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And all secularists are drug

And all secularists are drug abusers, mentally ill, and violent.

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I've been saying for years

I've been saying for years that there is no link between intellect and religion.

I'm beginning to change my mind. I'm beginning to wonder if becoming enmeshed in dogmatic thinking, especially of the religious variety, reduces one's IQ noticeably

Of course, from what I've seen President Trump didn't have all that much to begin with.-- and now people are saying he's also demented.

After seeing his rant about the disloyalty of Jewish people, there isn't a lot of doubt left in my mind. But then I'm only an ignorant foreigner, what do I know?.

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Puny Secular Atheists. I have

Puny Secular Atheists. I have discussed this extensively with Satan - and he AGREES that secularism is the cause of all evil - because it is the secular people who love money. Followers of Christ love EACH OTHER - NOT MONEY (WHICH IS THE SQUARE ROOT OF ALL EVIL)

Women = Time * Money
Time = Money (Time is Money Identity. Ie. Newton’s Identity)

Women = Money*Money
Money = root (Evil)
Women = [root(evil)]^2
Women = Evil

To wit Eve was evil.

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Being decried as mentally I

Being decried as mentally ill by those who have an obsession with their imaginary friend...

You literally couldnt make this shit up.

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I've been an atheist pretty

I've been an atheist pretty much my entire adult life, I don't abuse drugs, I've never been diagnosed as mentally I'll, and I'm not violent?

Where did I go wrong?

The UK is not the most secular country in Europe as it has a statexreligion, but over 50% of its population identify as non-religious. Is there more violence, mental illness and drug taking here than the states then?

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@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

There's certainly more tea.....

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Yes, we do have the church of

Yes, we do have the church of England here, but you could honestly go years without ever discussing religion.

Sadly, it's only of late that it has become more spoken about in the wide media, mostly due to terror attacks, certain groups taking offense at something (e.g. the poppy, to which... they can fuck off!) And obviously of late, the teaching of LGBTQ material in schools.

But most people I know, don't even care about religion and keep their opinions to themselves, almost ridiculously british I suppose.

The closest I get is with the Jehovah's witnesses occasionally knocking or having a stupid stand up outside shopping centres.

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This is very true, with the

This is very true, with the corollary that the house of Lords has a high percentage of the clergy in there, for no good reason I can fathom.

However in stark contrast to somewhere like the US for example, no one cares whether a politician or say a judge, is an atheist or not. It just doesn't matter to most people.

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