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without religion

What do you all think the world would be like without religion? Personally, I think that religion pretty much stopped us from progress for quite a few years. I think we would be a bit more advanced, and I also think the world would have a bit more peace to it.

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I 100% agree with your

I 100% agree with your comment. This is why the world will see advances that are going to be incredibly fast because we live in an era of massive information available to millions of people all over the world.

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Well i disagree with you

Well i disagree with you religion has made the world unite,people of the same religion tends to do things in unity,religion has brought peace to the world because many people would have been very wicked and callous if not for religion messages that they listen and practice,both Christianity and Islam preach peace.

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yes, but people of different

yes, but people of different religions just seem to hate. Christianity, for example, accepts nothing but pure-blood white, and discriminates against practically everything. And Islam, is the opposite of peace. They claim they want it, but when there's many of them, they show what they truly want. They want dominance over everyone, and believe everyone one should be Islamic or die. =FRIEND'S NOTE= "possibly without religion much of what is Now may not be, well Now if you see my point."

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You could not be more wrong I

You could not be more wrong I'm afraid.. Religion has made certain groups (different religions) unite, ultimately completely dividing them from the others. You said it yourself, your second point completely contradicts the first "people of the same religion tends to do things in unity" .. So, religion is actually the single biggest cause of the heinous barriers between us. The only way religion could unite all of humankind would be if all the worlds people became part of the same religion, and of course, that is never going to happen.
.. And yes, while it it is true that "many people would have been very wicked and callous if not for religious messages" you have to realize that it is not the religion itself that has prevented these people from doing wrong, but the messages. And positive messages can be projected through any story, and ultimately that is all any religion is. A story.

"both Christianity and Islam preach peace" .. Yes, they do. Are they willing to compromise with each-other? No.. So can there ever be peace between them?

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I agree with Danny here.

I agree with Danny here.

Religion was created to unify the people of the same area under 1 authority.
Theistic religions were created to control massive areas under 1 emperor.

The only way to unify areas of different theistic religions is by the sword.

Check history and learn how that was always done.

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Aye.. It certainly wasn't

Aye.. It certainly wasn't (and still isn't) done with peaceful, open-minded conversation over a cup of tea!

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"A world without religion

"A world without religion would be a better place. A world without god would be just the same."

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I like that quote! Who's is

I like that quote! Who's is it?

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For me, the world was surely

For me, the world was surely a better place if religions were not present at all. There are many conflicts that involved religions and we already had enough as every race differs in cultures and traditions. With religions, it only aggravated the conflicts that human race had encountered with one another. Without religion, fear will be lesser, and when there is fear, human can extend his understanding and knowledge; thus making earth more advance than it is now.

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I think religion cause too

I think religion cause too many problems. Humans should be free from brainwashing and shouldn't have a master

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