Women's rights threatened by fundamentalism and the far right

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Women's rights threatened by fundamentalism and the far right

The rise of religious fundamentalism and the far right poses a serious risk to global gender equality, according to a new United Nations report.


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Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray talk a lot about this. Although it's hurtful to admit it's true: Some people on the left, I'd say completely well-intentioned, think that being inclusive to people also means being inclusive to their cultural and religious background, respectful also to their wrong ideas, even though this may be against our freedom an scientific achievements, our education or our laws in Westernized societies.

But should we be respectful of creeds that esentially aren't respectful themselves of other human beings?

P.S. Should an atheist be respectful of a creed whose vast majority of followers thinks that apostasy must be punished?

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absolutely. it is amazing

absolutely. it is amazing when I see a female fundamentalist

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