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Worldview Survey

I’m doing a survey for a class project and I need 4 people who don't identify as Christian to answer the following questions. Really appreciate it.

1. How do you describe the origin of the human race and the world?
2. Who are “we” as the human race? Are we an accident? Do we have intrinsic value?
3. What is the meaning and purpose of life?
4. Where does the idea of right and wrong come from?
5. What do you think happens to people after they die? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Who decides or how does one get to heaven versus hell?
6. What is your opinion of Christians in general?
7. If a Christian were to sit down and talk with you about their faith, what would it take to convince you that it was worth looking into or accepting?

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1. I believe in science and

1. I believe in science and evolution and just because humans don’t know exactly how the universe began I don’t believe it’s fine to just attribute it to an invisible creator.
2. Some people are naturally talented at different things such as singing, but I do not believe those talents are “god given”, just a product of biology. I do believe in biology, science and evolution so yes, we are just an accident.
3. I believe each person can find a purpose if they choose but the purpose is chosen by the individual, not a “god given” purpose.
4. Common sense. If there is a victim it is wrong. No victim, I try not to judge even if it isn’t something I would do.
5. I do not believe in the supernatural. When we die we are dead and you don’t know or feel anything, just like before you were born.
6. I was raised a christian and studied christianity and the bible most of my adult life and went to christian university. I currently live in the "bible belt" of the U.S. and my experience with christians is that they do not hold their own religion to the same standards they do other religions. Also they are very judgmental.
7. I already know more about the faith than most Christians so there would be no convincing me. As a human being the bible repulses me.

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1 Through science and

1 Through science and evolution
2 Top predator with morals
3 Work hard, do good things, leave the place in good shape for the next lot, and have some fun along the way
4 Cooperating with others - see evolution
5 Nothing. They die.
6 Bigoted and prejudiced. They try to deny other people the rights they assume for themselves.
7 Proof that some of what they were saying was true.

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