The Wrong View by Robert Peters

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The Wrong View by Robert Peters

The Wrong View by Robert Peters

When you look up to the stars and you see that distant light,
You are seeing where you came from not just spots in the night.
We are all from substances blasted out from many eons past
And when we are all gone, we will become parts of it, again, at last.
There are no mysteries of how we came to be,
Those stars made us, everyone and all that we can see.
Where you are going, what you do, depend on how you live,
Education is how to move forward, filling up your mental sieve.
Your brain which evolved over countless millennia needs to be fed,
And learning fills it with knowledge of all so many have said.
Superstitions are all around you and they can fill your life,
With beliefs in things improvable, made stronger with a knife.
There have been religions since the ancient dawn of time.
And why we no longer believe in the Sumerian's gods, let's say,
Is that a more believable one was invented to fill your day.
Somehow, even with proof that the new ones are also not true,
People still go down onto their knees to pray to their holy few.
There's pleasure to be found in following your parents dogmatic gods,
But to reality, facts, and knowledge you will have to live at odds.
The "being" that you have been taught about is only yours because of this,
To whom, where and when you were born and what was thought of as bliss.
If you believe that a magical someone controls all that you are,
And you give yourself over to them, you simply cannot go far.
For the shackles of your parents god, bestowed on you at birth,
Negate the awe inspiring beauty, majesty, and glory of Mother Earth.
Science doesn't have all of the answers, yes, of course that's true,
But what science doesn't know it studies til it's part of our knowledge stew.
To believe all life's answers were written long ago in just one book,
Is to blindly follow without the eyes evolved, from which to look.
If you think that by whispering, chanting or screaming out in prayer,
You will gain favor from your unseen god, well you are wasting molecules of air.
For to truly make life better for yourself and those yet to come,
You need to investigate the questions that plague us and know where you're from.
Long ago, sickness it was thought was from an enemies nefarious plan,
Or witches, imbalanced humours or divine punishment from "god's" loving hand.
Now thanks to medical science it has clearly been confirmed,
That viruses, bacterium, and tiny organisms are what led you to being infirmed.
Through technology we can see inside of you without even cutting in,
We can diagnose with blood collected instead of letting it flow into a bin.
Medication can treat what ails you so long as your doctor is in time and sound
And with advanced immunization you can be treated before problems are even found.
We have flown between countries and continents, and deep into space,
We have looked into distant galaxies, billions of light-years away from our home base.
The more that you see, touch, learn and experience you will find,
That the true beauty, unseen in your ignorance, is nourishment for your mind.
Do not be afraid of the dark, the unknown or bumps in the night,
Educate yourself, see the world for what it is and you will lose that fright.
There is no after-life, no heaven, purgatory or hell for as I have said,
Our molecules, from stars, will return to the cosmos when we are dead.
Fear, inequality, and ignorance are the true problems that we have faced,
and nothing found in your little book of god, will make these be erased.
Live life to the fullest, learn, study, don't hate but love all those around,
The answers aren't from a book, but within our collective knowledge, they can be found.

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Too long didn't read

Too long didn't read

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The meter doesn't fit the

The meter doesn't fit the subject, and it's not very consistent, though to be fair it's hard to fit "advanced immunization" into any poem. Yet despite not keeping to the meter, he's managed to twist the sentences very unnaturally. We can diagnose with blood collected instead of letting it flow into a bin. Some of the rhymes are forced, too (e.g., "home base" and "space").

I can appreciate the thought behind the poem, but I think this author would have made a better job of it with prose.

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